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Your Website Is Your Brand’s Digital Storyteller.

Don’t Settle for Less 

It’s essentially your online hub, the thing that all your other social media channels refer back to. It isn’t always the entry point to your brand if readers discover you elsewhere, but it’s almost always something people look at before making a buying decision.

You need someone familiar with telling your story. Too often a website goes up that is little more than a bullet list of services, and it fails to accomplish the most basic of goals: to build rapport and invite people to learn more.

As a digital media company, Suits&Tech weaves this kind of meaning into business branding every day. With our multi-discipline approach to digital marketing, from video production to building communities on social media, we’ve created a proven track record of connecting audiences.

Ideal for small businesses because…

Affordable Pricing

Modern, attractive website designs don’t have to cost thousands of dollars. We include the most crucial elements of success for web marketing with no fluff, keeping the investment doable and the return on investment as quick as possible.

Quick Turnaround

A small business shouldn’t have to wait months to see the value of an investment in web design. We build quickly and try to launch with a complete digital presence.

Cohesive Branding

A lot of websites are built in isolation and don’t end up jiving well with your other marketing. We prefer to plan the entire digital marketing picture and ensure eahch piece matches and supports each other.


Transparent Process

We want you to feel comfortable with the process and excited about your new web design. You can reach us at all phases of the project to discuss ideas and tactics. We don’t hide or obscure metrics.

Committed to web design performance


We are always researching and learning to ensure we’re using the most current marketing best practices. That means going beyond simply building “mobile friendly” websites, since simply displaying properly on a smartphone or tablet doesn’t in itself equal phone calls and sales.

There’s a deeper process at play there, and as we mentioned above it’s important that a website ties in strategically with a brand’s other marketing. This may sound obvious, but a website that was clearly designed in isolation is all too common.

Small businesses commit precious marketing dollars to putting a new site together, banking hard on its ability to drive significant new revenue. And too often, those sites are unfocused and unable to make that happen.

We are not a big “corporate” agency that relies on hundreds of clients per month to meet sales quotes. We’re a small team of specialized, highly driven creatives with a mission to enrich the local businesses around us.

That means personalized care and simple, transparent offerings.

Make Your Own Opportunities

Based in Winston Salem, but serving the United States

Our local mission is clear and we love working with small businesses in the Winston Salem, Clemmons, High Point, and Greensboro areas of North Carolina.

However, the beautiful thing about the tech we embrace each day is that there’s no reason we can’t work with businesses near and far. If you’re in Los Angelas, New York, or Florida — or anywhere in between — we can still help make your marketing vision a reality.

Our tech reviews are an entry point to this arena: where we can’t always meet with someone directly, we can help folks everywhere make better decisions about the tech they purchase to run their social lives and businesses.

Often times, some of that same tech will overlap into their marketing efforts and innovate the ways they connect with their audience.

We are Suits&Tech Media, and we’d love to tell your story.

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