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Why Video?

Video Gets More Shares

Across all social media channels, video content is shared 12x more often than plain text or photo content. Make your social campaigns pop with the type of content users consume the most.

Video = Modern Growth

Companies that use video marketing grow 49% faster than those who don’t. That’s been consistently true for years, and will only become more important going forward to become an industry authority.

Cues for Buying Decisions

90% of users surveyed online say that videos help them determine their buying decisions when shopping around. That means if your competition uses video and you don’t, you’ll be behind the curve as users shop.


As a digital media agency, Suits&Tech Media knows how important video marketing is for businesses to remain cutting edge in today’s competitive space.

We’re passionate about finding creative ways to frame your business and its culture to best connect with your ideal customers. Our top-tier equipment means you can showcase your services in stunningly detailed imagery and 4K video.

Execute & Monitor


For a lot of businesses video marketing isn’t something they’ve tried before. Even being convinced it’s worth trying is only a step; often those business owners feel intimated by the glaring question of, “Ok, what kind of videos should I do?”

Don’t let that kind of concern stop you from taking action. Video marketing is what we love, and we’ve had a lot of success developing strategies for our clients. We’ll meet to discuss your current marketing efforts, what you’ve already tried, and what your ideal customer is like. From there we can prioritize where video fits in, and exactly what types of videos to create (and where to share them).


Why Video Marketing?

Establishing a presence on Youtube or Vimeo is a smart move for almost any business. Studies show that Youtube alone reaches more users age 18-49 via mobile devices than any cable TV network does with its users. The audience size is huge for so many industries, and not being there is a missed opportunity for businesses in Winston Salem.

After all, Youtube is the world’s #2 search engine right behind Google, and depending on the topic many people start with video searches before looking up local business info on Google.

Videos can be informational and entertaining, or you can even use them as ads to engage new users and attract them to other content and services you have. Many times you can use the same set of footage multiple ways to suit each social network, which makes production simpler than you may think.

And the production of the video doesn’t have to be complex, either.

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