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There’s little argument that Apple’s iPhone lineup is popular worldwide, but that doesn’t make it the biggest. With Apple working on more and more services that don’t necessarily need to be locked to one platform, it only makes sense for them to expand the official reach of their services and that includes their biggest competitor, Android.

Worldwide iOS is only being used on about 14% of devices while Android takes up almost 83%. Of course it’s a different story in the US with Android barely ahead of Apple, but regardless it’s clear that Android is a far bigger platform.

That being said, Tim Cook has recently discussed in a company-wide meeting at Apple the idea of Apple as a “services company”. This is an idea that competitors such as Microsoft have recently begun to embrace. Cook admitted along with this idea that for it to be successful, the company would need to offer their services on more platforms than just their own.

A great example of Apple testing out this idea is with their new Apple Music streaming service which is available on iOS and OS X, but also Windows and Android.

It’s too early to tell what Apple would bring to other platforms, or if they’re even going to begin moving towards this new business model, but the question rises, what Apple services would you want on your device? Personally I’d love to see an official iTunes app, iCloud, and maybe even Apple Pay.

Via: Phandroid Source: 9to5Mac