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With Facebook Struggling to earn back people’s trust, it appears to be turning to Instagram to revive it’s otherwise “under appreciated” features. There could be some updates in functionality on their way. The tech news publisher TechCrunch made a discovery after receiving a tipoff from Ishan Agarwal to “code for ‘Account Linking’ in the Instagram for Android alpha version’s APK files.”


The code explains the ability to “Make one of your accounts your main account and use it to log in to all of your other accounts at once.” Foreshadowing perhaps an effort to push a future “Login with Instagram” ability, this prototyped “new” feature lets users log into one “primary” account to be able to access all of their other current accounts. The accounts would still be separate but would take out the hassle of logging into the individual accounts. This is particularly useful for anyone who owns multiple accounts for business or personal reasons, such as marketing companies or young users with multiple, smaller accounts.

With Facebook’s ability to do something similar with pages and the ability to use Facebook to log into third-party apps and websites, it isn’t improbable to expect we’ll see this in the near future. Instagram declined to comment on these potential new changes but their ongoing success with a younger crowd could mean we will continue to see features from Facebook morph into the latest feature for Instagram.