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The Lenovo ThinkStation P320, a new entry level workstation, was just announced today at the Develop3D Live Tradeshow. It’s designed for power users and enterprises who demand reliability, powerful machines, and virtual reality capabilities. The best part? It’s not going to cost a fortune to get.

The ThinkStation P320 is totally configurable, coming with plenty of high end and lower end options. The top tier options include an Intel Xeon E3-1200 v6 processor, Windows 10, NVIDIA NVS/Quadro (up to P4000), 64GB of RAM, 4TB SATA drive, plus up to four other modules. However, there are much lower specced versions available.

It comes in both a full tower version, as well as a small form factor (SFF) version. Having a VR ready workstation also allows for advancements in workflows, and gives companies an accessible way to get into VR.

Each ThinkStation is built for optimal thermal stability, diagnostics and monitoring, ultimate configuration, modular design, and a wide range of ISV certifications. Both versions of the ThinkStation P320 (tower and SFF) will be available towards the end of April.