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Final Day Of VS Challenge- Saturday

Today not much happened at all. For the whole morning I was staying in bed because I was sick. I then got up and used the watches for notifications.

Half way through the afternoon I went to see the new Star Wars film (a great film by the way), and so on both watches I used the services to stop notifications coming through.

Once coming back after the film nothing else happened, due to me being sick, so I only used the watches for notifications like earlier in the day. Both watches worked flawlessly with the notifications all day.

I must say that today I preferred neither of the watches. It was a draw.

My Final Decision

Here I am going to reach my final decision based on my decisions from both days. Here’s a summary first of the favourite for each day.

Day 1- Moto 360
Day 2- Pebble
Day 3- Moto 360
Day 4- Pebble
Day 5- Moto 360
Day 6- Draw
Day 7- Draw

I must say, that looking back over each day I agree with my decisions, and considering my existing opinions from the watches I have chosen the winner of the VS challenge.

The winner is…

The Moto 360!

The Moto 360 feels better than the Pebble and feels much faster. Usability is the same on both, but overall I prefer the Moto 360, even though it’s a bit more expensive.

Moto 360

By clicking the button below you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store to download the Google Santa Tracker app. Once downloaded two watchfaces will appear on your Android Wear watch: an Elf one, and the Santa one seen in the header image.

Moto 360


By clicking the button below you’ll be taken to the Github page for the 91 Dub V 2.0 by Orviwan. To download the watchface go to the Pebble store in your Pebble app on you phone, and search for 91 Dub V 2.0.