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Day 5- Thursday

Today was a very quiet day at school. We didn’t do much due to it being the penultimate day before the Christmas holidays, therefore I only used the watches for notifications in school.

When I got home from school I was glad to see the the Moto 360 was perfectly fine in battery, and that it wouldn’t run low of charge early.

What I was disappointed with was on the Pebble where after dismissing a notification it completely froze at would not budge from a black screen with white text saying “Loading… “. This is perfectly understandable of course because at the moment the update is only in beta, but it did let me down quite a bit.

I honestly didn’t know how to fix the Pebble, I couldn’t restart it or do anything else on the watch. Maybe it will disappear, but maybe I’ll just have to wait for the battery to die? Hopefully not, because the battery is full!

The Pebble is fixed! I got another notification and now the Pebble is fully operational again! That’s a relief.

It was very hard to decide which watch I preferred today because I didn’t really use either of them that much today. It would have been a tie, but the loading screen stuck on the Pebble had made it entirely possible that I wouldn’t have been able to use the Pebble again for the rest of the VS challenge. Luckily it didn’t, but it was a close call.

Therefore today I must say that the Moto 360 won it for me.