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Day 3- Tuesday

At this time it’s starting to get quite annoying wearing two watches at the same time, due to needing to dismiss notifications on both watches. The notification dismissal on the Pebble is poor. You have to hold down the back button for a few seconds to get rid of the notification screen, but that takes you to your app list, and then you have to click the back button again to get back to the watchface. Also, sometimes it will start the ‘Quiet Time’ which is the same as the Moto 360’s ‘Cinema Mode’. It’s all a lot of effort compared to the simple swipe to dismiss on the Moto 360.¬†With both activity trackers still running, my opinion hasn’t changed that the Moto 360 is better, but the Pebble seems to be improving. Slowly, but surely.

When I got home from school I had to write my Christmas cards! And my Moto 360 was the only watch that cared enough to remind me. This was probably because I Ok-Googled on the Moto 360 telling it to remind me to write the Crimbo cards, and din’t whip out my phone to type it up on there. If you have a smartwatch with voice command, you’re not going to pull out your phone to do anything are you? This is where the Pebble experience was ruined, because you couldn’t make commands on it, or do anything on it, like you can on the Moto 360. Of course they rectified this issue finally when the Pebble Time, and other members of the Time family were released earlier this year. But that’s not the point. The 3.8 update was supposed to improve the Pebble Original experience, and so far it hasn’t really.

I didn’t really use either of the watches, apart from the circuit training we do to improve fitness for the swimming pool. I left my Pebble at home for this, because I knew that I couldn’t track my fitness levels on the Pebble very well, due to the heart rate sensor, and etc. on the Moto 360.

Today, it’s no competition, I definitely preferred the Moto 360.