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Samsung takes on a renewed tablet market with the Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung takes on a renewed tablet market with the Galaxy Tab 4
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We all thought that the Galaxy S9 would be the next device that Samsung brought to market, but it seems the Korean giant has another plan. The company unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 yesterday at an event in Manhattan. This brings a hardware refresh to the Galaxy Tab that looks fairly promising and positions the tablet in direct competition with a recently crowded market.

The new Galaxy Tab 4 takes a fresh look at some of Samsung’s user experience. You now get full pen support and DeX mode built into the OS. The pen support is more than expected, but the DeX mode is a surprising addition. The mode will add a more desktop-like UI option that looks fairly similar to that found on Chrome OS. DeX allows for up to 20 independent windows to be opened and interacted with on the Tab 4 simultaneously, just like you’ve been able to do with DeX on Galaxy phones docked to a PC. You also get a dock to pin apps to at the bottom of the interface.

The difference is DeX mode can now be used directly on the tablet whenever it’s either docked in the Tab keyboard dock for $150, or when synced to a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. This brings the Tab 4 into a space much more akin to laptops and the iPad Pro than ever before. Even Microsoft’s new Surface Go is now pitted against the new Tab 4.

Other than the addition of DeX, the Galaxy Tab 4 sees some refreshed specs that include a 2560 x 1600 screen resolution at 10.5-inches. LTE is also onboard with support for all the major US carriers. The Tab 4 will be available in two different model combinations, with the entry level at 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage with an upgrade of storage offered in a 256GB model. The pricing is set for $650 and $750 respectively. Samsung is expected to ship the Tab 4 next week, starting August 10.

The Galaxy Tab 4 is bringing an interesting take to the tablet to market, but it’s also taking on a recent resurgence in tablets. Specifically, those that offer a focus on productivity. Of course, Apple has the iPad Pro with its keyboard, Microsoft with their newly released Surface Go, and even Chrome OS now is an option on tablets. Samsung has great brand appeal, but one has to wonder if the new DeX mode is enough to stand out.

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