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What’s new on watchOS from WWDC18

What’s new on watchOS from WWDC18
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This year at WWDC, there are a couple nice new upgrades to watchOS, Apple’s operating system for their Apple Watch. They’ve announced watchOS 5, which is the next iteration of the operating system for Apple Watch.


One of the best features of the Apple Watch is the connected part about it: phone calls and messages. However, they’re expanding it in watchOS 5 with “Walkie-Talkie.” It is what you think: a quick way to communicate with people that’s not a voice call. It is a watch to watch connection that works over cellular or WiFi.

Siri Watchface

Sports, maps, and Siri Shortcuts are among some of the new features being added to the Siri Watchface. There is also support now for new apps on the watch face. This move is consistent with Siri now supporting commands for third-party apps. This is a great addition, and it’s good to see Apple opening up their digital assistant to the millions of apps in the App Store. Any custom Siri Shortcuts from your iPhone are also synced over to the Apple Watch.


Notifications on the Apple Watch are now more interactive and useful in watchOS 5. A big part of this is web content now being viewable on watchOS 5 through messages. While it’s not full web pages, it is something and getting websites on your watch is certainly impressive.

Other Features

The Apple Podcasts app is now coming to the Apple Watch, allowing you to listen to and control podcasts through your Apple Watch.

College students will also appreciate the updates coming to watchOS 5, as Student ID Cards for select colleges can be added to the watch to gain access to areas or to pay for meals.

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