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[Deal Alert]: You can get 2 Moto X4s for $249 on Project Fi

[Deal Alert]: You can get 2 Moto X4s for $249 on Project Fi
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Moto phones are all about the budget minded and always seem to have a good deal going. The latest is exclusive to Project Fi, but can snag you two of the Moto X4 for the price of one. Yep, for $249 you can have two mid-range smartphones from a well known Android manufacturer.

The normal pricing is $399 for a single phone and this offers one for free with $150 off the first. If you were looking at Fi as your next network, this is a great deal. The Moto X4 has a respectable spec sheet with a Snapdragon 630, 5.2″ FHD screen, and water resistance with a relatively stock Android experience. To redeem the deal, you have to add and activate both phones on the same plan within 30 days. This offer expires May 2 so get to clicking on the link below!

Project Fi

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