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What do you think Android P should be called?

What do you think Android P should be called?

Google took the covers off of it’s latest Android release last week. Android P is officially open for business and comes with all sorts of new features. Notifications are getting tweaks and improvements. Multi-camera support is coming with a full API. Location mapping for indoor activities is being added. The clock may get a new home on the left side of the status bar, and yes, there’s even support for the dreaded front-facing notch.

But let’s be honest…that’s all secondary when it comes to new things in the world of Android. Let’s get down to the truly best thing surrounding each major release: the name! That’s what we all really love about a new Android version, right? What will crazy dessert-based monicker Google assign to Android P? Will it be some sort of pie like pecan? A frozen treat like popsicle?

We’ve collected some of the more popular options and would love to get your vote on a favorite. As usual, sound off in the comments on alternatives as well!

Would should the tasty name of Android P be called?

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