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[Deal Alert] Anker offering select ‘SoundCore’ Bluetooth speakers for up to 43% off today

[Deal Alert] Anker offering select ‘SoundCore’ Bluetooth speakers for up to 43% off today
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Our friends over at Anker have had some really good deals on products recently, and they are at it again today. 3 of their popular Bluetooth speakers on sale until tomorrow morning. To make it even better, these don’t even require a coupon code. Simply add the speakers to your Amazon cart and the reduced price will be included with zero effort on your part.

Anker SoundCore Mini

We’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t start with the largest discount first. Anker’s SoundCore Mini is 43% off the retail price on the black color option. This reduces your wallet by $13 from the original retail price of $29.88 to $16.99 for this tiny speaker. Even with its diminutive size, this device is packed with features like a passive subwoofer, microSD support, AUX input, Bluetooth 4.0, FM radio, and 15 hours of playback via the rechargeable battery. It even has noise-cancelling microphones for using the Mini to place phone calls.

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Anker SoundCore Sport XL

Next up is Anker’s SoundCore Sport XL. This rugged model “sports” IP67 water resistance and dust protection, shock support from drops, AUX input, and Bluetooth 4.1 for a range of 66 feet from your connected device. You also get the same 15-hour battery life and dual passive subwoofers for extended, powerful audio performance. Audio calls are also available on the Sport XL with noise-cancelling microphones to give you hands-free calling when you need it. The discount on this one if 40% from $69.99 to $41.99 on Amazon.

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Anker SoundCore Sport

Are you the Goldilocks kinda of tech shopper that needs that device that’s just right? Then maybe you need the SoundCore Sport. It’s smaller in size similar to the Mini, but with the protection of the Sport XL. Most of the overall specs are closer to the Sport XL: IP67 waterproofing and dust resistance, shock protection, AUX input, and hands-free calling. However, you only get the single passive subwoofer and 10-hour battery life due to the smaller footprint. Today’s sale marks the Sport down 37% saving you $15 off retail from $39.88 to $24.99 for the final price.

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