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Finally! Moto to move the fingerprint sensor behind the logo dimple

Finally! Moto to move the fingerprint sensor behind the logo dimple
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We’ve been asking for it for years now — pretty much since the original Nexus 6 and Moto X models. Why doesn’t Motorola put the fingerprint scanner behind the cool logo dimple that has been perfectly placed there for almost a decade? The location precedes sensors being popular on the back and has been screaming for this amalgamation THE ENTIRE TIME! Some leaks from over at My Smart Price suggest the wait is soon to be over.

Side note: it’s coming with a release of a refreshed Moto E. This will mark the 5th generation is Moto’s cheapest budget model in the US. The general design looks to be fairly similar to last years Moto E4 other than this photos lean towards this one adopting a more metal exterior like that found on the Moto G5 series. There is no official launch date or specs, but we’d expect to see a lower-end Snapdragon, microSD port, and dual SIM trays to be standard with the history surrounding the E4.

There are a couple of hints and one oddity to the photos. The date on the home screen is set to April 3, 2018. Is this an easter egg towards a possible announcement? The other thing worth mentioning is that the render shows the entire Motorola logo below the screen on the front. This would go against the last several generations from the Lenovo subsidiary simply using the shorter Moto branding.

MySmartPrice Android Police

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  1. GMAD

    This and a top 5 camera in a flagship would bring me back Moto.