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All 50 states and more opt in for FirstNet

All 50 states and more opt in for FirstNet

FirstNet is a national broadband solution for our first responders that is being built and maintained by AT&T. This network will give firefighters, police, and emergency responders quick info and keep them in contact to save more lives. If you think that’s great news, then it’s about to get even better because all 50 states, 3 territories, and the District of Columbia have opted in for FirstNet. The network will cover the entire US and more giving our emergency personnel better access to the tools they need to keep us safe.

With FirstNet being present nationwide we can look forward to connected devices and the internet of things aiding our emergency responders in the field. This includes connected vehicles relaying information such as speed, location, engine diagnostics, and an enhanced push to talk service. Thanks to this, dispatchers will be able to keep in better contact with responders and send them where they are needed most without wasting time in emergency situations.

Connected cameras are another way FirstNet will aid first responders in search and rescue operations including the use of drones. This will allow for police, firefighters, or paramedics to get a view of an accident before they arrive making them better prepared to help and save lives. Health sensors will play another important role alerting responders when their health is compromised. For example, cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death for firefighters on the job. By monitoring them more closely this could prevent deaths in the field and help send in help when needed.

These are only a few examples and we’re barely scratching the surface of what a connected emergency network like FirstNet could be capable of in the future. As AT&T rolls out FirstNet, the capabilities of our emergency services will continue to grow and we’ll all be a little safer.

Source: AT&T

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