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AT&T backs out of deal to carry Huawei phones in the US

AT&T backs out of deal to carry Huawei phones in the US
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There have been rumors for awhile now that Huawei and AT&T were getting into business together. So much so, that many thought it was already a done deal and some expected announcements at CES this week. Huawei is one of the top phone manufacturers in the world along with Apple and Samsung and has lofty ambitions to surpass both. Despite Huawei’s popularity elsewhere, expansion into the US market has been challenging. A deal with AT&T, the second most popular carrier by subscriber numbers, would have helped them tremendously.

Unfortunately for Huawei, it appears AT&T has changed their mind according to people familiar with the deal. However, neither side has officially commented on the matter as of yet, but it makes more sense that AT&T backed out rather than Huawei in this situation. This is another speed bump in Huawei’s long road of trying to crack into the US market.

While you won’t see Huawei phones on AT&T’s shelves anytime soon, phones from Huawei and their sister brand Honor phones are still available for purchase unlocked online and in select stores. These will still work on AT&T networks even though they are not directly sold by them. Nevertheless, a deal that allowed consumers to buy and upgrade their phones through a large carrier would have lead to a lot more sales and brand recognition for Huawei.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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