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1MORE Dual Driver ANC Lightning Headphones Review: More music less noise

1MORE Dual Driver ANC Lightning Headphones Review: More music less noise
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Do you love music without all the background noise, use an iPhone, not a fan of dongles, and don’t like having yet one more device to charge up? If so the 1MORE Dual Driver ANC Lightning Headphones might be just what you’re looking for.

Packaging and Accessories

1MORE never disappoints with the packaging and accessories with their products. The Dual Driver ANC Lightning Headphones come in a rather large box for a pair of headphones. Once you open the box you see exactly why. Inside the headphones come with a metal shirt clip, a leather carrying case with a magnetic clasp, and several ear tips and wings.


Probably one of the most distinctive attributes of these headphones is the Lightning connector instead of the typical 3.5mm jack. These will work on any Lightning device you have and are MFi Certified, so if you only want to use them on your iPhone or iPad that’s great. However, you won’t be able to use them on your laptop or desktop computer.

The Lightning connector is at the end of a braided cable which I’m a huge fan of, this makes it more difficult for your cable to get tangled up. Unfortunately, the earbuds are a little easier to get tangled up because of the rubber cable. The earbuds themselves are extremely comfortable thanks to the size and range of ear tips they provide and how well they fit.

In between the braided cable and the earbuds is the control box and despite the tiny buttons, it is rather large. The controls consist of a nub that is pressed to play/pause music, switches tracks with side to side motion, or controls volume by sliding it up or down. These worked great and were very intuitive to use. The Active Noise Cancellation is controlled by a toggle switch on the side that shows red when it is inactive.


The largeness of the control box is no doubt because of the Active Noise Cancellation featured on these headphones. While it is a larger than most other in-line controls it is still a lot less bulky than other ANC headphones.

This is due in part to the fact that there is no separate battery needed for the noise cancellation feature. Most headphones require a separate power source in order to facilitate the noise cancellation function. However, thanks to the use of the Lightning connector here it simply draws power from your device instead.

With it drawing power from your device this will affect your iPhone or iPad’s overall battery life. The drain is rather minimal though and of course the less you use it the less of an effect it will have. The benefit of having less bulky lighter headphones that don’t have to be charged separately far outweighs the drawbacks of a little battery drain, in my opinion.

The Active Noise Cancellation is a standout feature on these headphones and in my testing worked pretty well. They were able to easily block out constant ambient noises such as the air conditioner or airplane noise without changing the audio quality. I could barely hear a difference in the audio after toggling on the ANC feature except for the music becoming cleaner without any outside noise.

Sound Quality

The 1MORE Dual Driver ANC Lightning Headphones use two armature drivers and are tuned by Grammy award-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi. 1MORE shows their dedication to sound even further by including an app that will burn in your headphones. Burn in for the uninitiated is when you break in the cones on speakers or headphones by playing back music or noise in this case. This helps loosen them up and improves the sound quality of the headphones.

I found the sound to be skewed a little towards the low end and midrange missing a little in the high end and clarity, but not enough affect my enjoyment while listening to music.  1MORE’s Triple Driver headphones I reviewed offered a little more clarity but they also require a 3.5mm headphone jack and lack noise cancellation. The Dual Driver ANC Lighting still offered a warm full sound with highs that weren’t too strong and rich full bass.

Final Thoughts

With Apple dropping the headphone jack on their phones you are forced to either use a dongle, Bluetooth headphones, or one of the very few Lightning headphones out there. 1MORE offers one of the few pairs of Lightning headphones and takes it a step further by offering Active Noise Cancellation.

Thanks to using your device to power the ANC function it offers you a smaller pair of headphones and a case making it more convenient for traveling. Between the compact nature, high-quality build and sound, noise cancellation, and Lightning connector the 1MORE Dual Driver ANC Lightning Headphones are a compelling product for Apple users out there.

At the price of $149, they cost nearly as much as a pair of Airpods though. You’ll have to ask yourself if it’s more important to have wireless earbuds or Active Noise Cancellation. If you decide you’d rather have noise cancellation then you can pick up a pair for yourself from Amazon or 1MORE using the links below.

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