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Track your sleep and warm your bed with the EightSleep Tracker, 25% off with our coupon code

Track your sleep and warm your bed with the EightSleep Tracker, 25% off with our coupon code
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If you’re like me you like to try and have as many smart devices in your home as possible. I feel this way because I actually see the benefits some of these devices have in my life. Now there’s even a way to expand your smart home tech when it comes to the bed you sleep on.

EightSleep is a company that sells smart mattresses that can be delivered to your front door. You might have heard of them before. If you have, here’s a deal that you might not want to miss out on. Between today 11/7/17 and 11/12/17 you can get 25% off ANYTHING on with code YTE25. This includes all their mattresses and the EightSleep tracker which can turn your not so smart mattress into a pretty smart one.

EightSleep’s tracker has a bunch of cool features which are listed below, but what’s especially cool is that you don’t necessarily have to buy an all new mattress to use it. The company’s “Sleep Tracker” can slip over your current mattress to add smart feature to it. The features include:

  • Sleep Tracking: Sleep trends allows you to see nightly data and discover trends to improve your sleeping pattern. Of course, all this syncs to your phone to make it easier to view and monitor. This definitely is great for those of you who struggle to get a good nights rests. 
  • Bed Warming: Bed warming allows you to set the ideal temperatures for each side of the bed. Makes winter that much easier to bare. The Eight app offers 10 temperature levels to choose from which will provide you with plenty of levels to chose from. Winter has now become easier to bare!
  • Smart alarm: Wake up at the best time, every morning. One cool feature you might want to note is that your Eight Sleep bed will wake you up within a 30-minute window before your alarm set time during your lightest sleep stage. The time is based on movement-based data, and can change each morning.
  • Home Integration: Create a smart bedroom by connecting to other products using IFTTT your EightSleep bed can connect to other Smart Home products including you Alexa Speakers.

A great thing to note is that all these features available on the sleep tracker are also available with their mattresses.. Be sure to head over to their site  and use the coupon code YTE25.

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