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Explained: How to fix iOS bug that autocorrects “i” to an “A”

Explained: How to fix iOS bug that autocorrects “i” to an “A”
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One of the downsides of all this great new technology that we hold in our hands every day is that occasionally things don’t always run as smoothly as we’d like, especially with OS updates. From time to time bugs arise that are not major, but they sure are pesky.

One such bug has users frustrated after updating to iOS 11.1 with the autocorrect changing the single letter “i” to an “A” followed by a symbol when typed. Don’t worry, Apple has released a quick workaround and we’re going to walk you through it.

It’s a rather short process to add a new custom replacement view the keyboard settings:

  1. Go to Settings. Then Keyboard. And Text Replacement.
  2. Tap the + icon to add a new custom replacement.
  3. Your new Phrase should be the upper case “I” and your Shortcut will be the lower case “i”.

That ‘s it! You’ve officially circumvented the bug. While this is not a permanent solution it may keep you from yelling at your phone on a daily basis. And I think it’s safe to assume that with Apple having announced their own workaround that a software fix for this is already in the works for whatever the next iOS update is.

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