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GPEL QuickTip Magnetic Cable Review: Convenience at a Premium

GPEL QuickTip Magnetic Cable Review: Convenience at a Premium
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Apple got rid of their MagSafe charger with the last two generations of the MacBook, but if you were a fan of the design and ease, GPEL has you covered. They have recently released their QuickTip Magnetic cable for micro USB, Lightning, and USB C. This is likely the closest you’ll get to the MagSafe charger for mobile devices — and it’s actually shipping, unlike that ZNAPS Kickstarter project.

GPEL has created a charging/transfer cable that ‘snaps’ to your devices for ease and safety. Just like the old Macs, you can simply bring the cable close to your port and it magnetically snaps into place and begins charging. The cable is actually built and managed pretty well, as it’s braided with a generous 2m (6ft) in length. There’s also a built-in cable tie so you can keep the cord nice and tidy. The ‘receiver’ end can be pretty brittle though, as you’ll see in the pictures below.

The QuickTip comes in 3 versions: Lightning, microUSB, and USB-C. When you get the cable you have two parts, the cord, and the receiver. All you need to do is place the receiver in your device and connect the cord to a power source, then once the two are connect your device will instantly start charging. There’s even a light on the cord that denotes when power is going through it. Its crazy simple and incredibly convenient.

Convenience is one thing, but performance is another just as important part. Here, the cable does, alright…

GPEL states that the QuickTip cable supports “high-speed charging up to 5V/2.4A “, but if you’re familiar with power states you’ll know devices with QuickCharge 3.0 support voltages higher than that. With that, this cable didn’t charge my Pixel particularly fast (not nearly as fast as the included charger) but charged my iPhone and PS4 controller at normal rates though. With that in mind, the price is likely not going to do any favors for you either.

$25 for one charging cable, no matter the convenience, is basically insane. You can buy them in a 3-pack though for $35 (making it ~$12 per cable, USB C is $1 more), which definitely makes the price easier to swallow. I’m still on the fence with if the ease of use is worth the premium of the cables, especially with the lack of notable performance.

I like the QuickTip cables a lot. They make for a super convenient method for any of various daily situations: driving, in the dark, just being lazy, and they’re a great replacement if your device doesn’t support wireless charging.

There are some times where I don’t use the magnetic cable though. For example, when I need a quick charge in a short amount of time. However, I find myself not needing that as much as I thought. Do you think the ease warrants the cost? If so, you can buy the QuickTip cable from GPEL down below.

PS: The cables come in recyclable cardboard boxes that say “We love you” on them, if that helps with your purchases.

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