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AT&T and FirstNet have launched a developer program

AT&T and FirstNet have launched a developer program
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Calling all developers the submissions for the FirstNet app store have begun. For those unaware, FirstNet is being built by AT&T and is America’s first network dedicated to safety personnel and first responders. After recent events such as Harvey, Irma, Maria, and the wildfires in California it has never been more important to have a reliable communications system for first responders.

Now developers will have their chance to help out by creating or submitting new apps or apps that already exist for the FirstNet app store. This gives them the chance to collaborate with first responders and offer them tools that could help save lives.

FirstNet is looking for apps that focus on in building mapping, situational awareness, field reporting and records management, wearable devices and telemetry solutions, and forensic intelligence among others.

Upon submission to the app store FirstNet and AT&T will evaluate all apps for reliability and security before assigning a “Certified” or “Reviewed” status. With the creativity and hard work of developers, the FirtNet network will become more robust and efficient at helping first responders stay informed and save lives.  For more information check out the FirstNet developer’s portal here.

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