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Google Announces Home Mini, Starting at $49.99

Google Announces Home Mini, Starting at $49.99
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Getting a Google Home is now much easier thanks to the new Google Home Mini! Although, it’s not designed explicitly to play music. Rather, it makes it easier to get the Google Assistant into more rooms of your home. The Home Mini has fabric on the top that also allows you to control the speaker with touch and will also display the 4 led lights that let’s you know it’s listening. The Google Home Mini comes in three colors: Coral, Chalk, and Charcoal.

The Home Mini will cost $49 is available for preorder today and will be available on October 19th. Will you pick one up since it’s more affordable? Comment below!

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  1. Luke Meiritz-Reid

    Absolutely keen to buy …$49.99 seriously that’s a brilliant price.
    Presently have Google Home brilliant Intuative exceptionally fast response as you would expect from a Superior Search Engine.
    Siri by the way is Crap in comparison