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Amazon announces new additions to their smart family

Amazon announces new additions to their smart family

Amazon announced today that they were adding a few new items to their smart family. The Echo was one of the most popular devices that Amazon had ever released. So today, they announced an upgrade to their Echo line. They added the Echo (new) and the Echo Plus.

Echo – $99

Amazon has made great Echo devices in the past, with the Echo Dot being an awesome bang for your buck. What it lacked, however, was an incredible speaker. But that could change today. Today Amazon announced their new Echo, running at only $99. The speaker is really pretty with a cloth covering and a shorter body than the original Echo.

This Echo has a dedicated tweeter, amping up the audio quality for those who want a good speaker in their Echo. This Echo will be a better buy than the original and will be offered in a 3-pack for $50 per device.

With more Echo’s, you can do multi-room audio. Multi-room audio is a big deal when it comes to smart speakers. Fortunately, Amazon has been listening to its fan-base. Lastly, the new Echo brings free phone calls to the US, Canada, and Mexico for the first time. Calling will be a great addition to the Echo that may come in handy more times than you think.

Of course, this comes into play only a few weeks after Google Home added the same feature. The Echo will start shipping on October 31st, 2017 & is available for preorders today!

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Echo Plus – $149


Think of the Echo Plus as a Smart Home Hub more than anything. It’s bigger, more premium, and comes with one free Phillips Smart bulb while supplies last. Saying “Alexa, discover my devices” will launch the hub, finding everything you haven’t set up yet. Forget other hubs, because you won’t need them with the Echo Plus. The Plus will work with anything from ZigBee like Phillips, GE, Kwikset and so on.

Audio clarity is improved with the 360-degree Dolby-processed speaker within the Plus. It boasts crisper, clearer audio than before. If you’re willing to drop $149 on the Echo Plus, expect it to replace your previous Smart Hub.

Both the Echo and Echo Plus will be available on October 31st & is also available to preorder today!

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