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Tronsmart Encore S5 Review

Tronsmart Encore S5 Review
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Wireless headphones are a hot market of gadgetry these days. They are readily available from almost anywhere and in all shapes and sizes. From neckbands to single mono earbuds, you can find all kinds of options. Tronsmart is one of our favorite of these offerings and they were kind enough to let us take their new Encore S5 wireless stereo earbuds for a spin.


The basic specifications are very similar to other offerings we’ve reviewed from Tronsmart. Bluetooth 4.1 is on board with IPX4 water resistance. Both earbuds are charged via micro USB port and battery life is rated at 3-4 hours. Passive noise cancelling is also present with what Tronsmart calls Superior Bass (more on that later). Overall, the specs are pretty comparable to any other wireless earbuds you’ll find in this category.

Real World Use

The Encore S5 earbuds main selling point is the fact that they are stereo. Tronsmart calls it simultaneous sync. This translates to being able to either use them one at a time or sync them together for a full stereo experience. And I have to say it’s a nice touch. I prefer single ear listening the majority of the time, but while working out, I find myself wanting to absolutely block out everything. The Encore S5s allow for this flexible usage without having to have different devices. Whatever your preference, the Encore S5s have you covered.

The earbuds have an ear loop to help with stability, but I honestly never used them. This was two-fold. I wear glasses and I’ve never found this type of loop comfortable. Secondly, I found they created a weird angle for me that caused them to actually fit loosely in my ears. However, the ear loops are another aspect of the S5s that leads a dual life. They double as the micro USB covers.

The ear buds are a little on the chunky side, but this leads to a solid feel and decent battery life. Tronsmart rates them at 3-4 hours and I found this to be pretty accurate. I’m not sure exactly how much standby time they have, but I consistently got between 3 and 4 hours with mixed music and talk time.

Audio and Call Quality

The short answer is both are really good. Mids and highs are pretty on par with other buds while bass is deeper and has a bigger punch than most. I first thought the Superior Bass branding was simply just that, but I found it was noticeable when compared to similar models. Call quality was good on both ends as well. I had zero issue with hearing those on the other end and I received no complaints concerning my side of conversations.

Speaking of audio and calls. One thing I didn’t care for was the single button on the headsets. There’s only one button that controls everything including volume controls. This leads to a little guess work on how to handle it at first, but once you actually read the manual you can get the hang of it pretty easily. The only truly weird one is volume is controlled by long pressing the button which sends it to the lowest possible setting and then a short press after that increases the volume a level at a time.

Final Thoughts

Tronsmart is quickly becoming one of my favorite “budget” earphone makers and the Encore S5s are adding to my impressions. They offer a quality, budget friendly combo of earbuds that are truly wire-free. With their unique design and good battery life, most will find them perfectly suitable for their needs. Add in the stereo sync of using them in both ears, and Tronsmart has a real winner in the Encore S5. To find out more and order options feel free to hit the link below.

Update: Tronsmart has reached and offered our users a limited edition code for 10% off the Encores S5 earbuds. Use code RVLJ9C7I to redeem at checkout.

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