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Google Home’s biggest bug yet and our WWDC predictions – MCOJ Daily, June 5

Google Home’s biggest bug yet and our WWDC predictions – MCOJ Daily, June 5
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Apple’s WWDC 2017 might have quite a bit in store, so we offer up our predictions to the company’s developer conference. Further, many Google Home users are reporting an odd bug that seems to be affecting quite a lot of units.

Google Home isn’t working for a lot of users

This past weekend, people were quick to take to Twitter and Google’s Product Forums to report that their Google Homes simply aren’t working. The latest bug to hit the smart home accessory renders Google Home rather useless at times, with it saying, “Hmm, something went wrong”, or, “There was a glitch, try again in a few seconds” right after saying “Hey, Google”, or, “Ok, Google.” The error is quite sporadic in its occurrence, but Google has said that it is, “aware of the issue.”

Via: Android Police


Amazon Echo now supports reminders and named timers

While Google Home is currently going through some rough times, Amazon updated its Echo and Echo Dot this past Friday to now support reminders and named timers. The latter of these two features will essentially allow you to have multiple timers running simultaneously, and the former is something that we’ve been waiting to see on both the Echo and Google Home ever sine their respective release dates. These new additions should be available for US customers now, and folks over in Germany and the United Kingdom will have access to them in a few weeks.

Via: The Verge

WWDC 2017 Predictions

Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference will be taking place in just a few hours, and we’re expecting quite a lot from the opening keynote. Between iOS 11, a new iPad Pro, refreshed MacBooks, and more, we discussed our predictions for what we expect to see form the show and some things that we hope Apple addresses as well.

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