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Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition, good sound and great for workouts

Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition, good sound and great for workouts
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The Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition headphones are more than just an ordinary pair of Bluetooth headphones. They are an essential fitness training tool. They specifically targeted the active community, for those who want to maximize their workout while listening to music.

Included are the Jabra Sport Pulse Bluetooth headphones, four sets of EarGels, four sets of EarWings, a set of 3 Comply foam tips and a clip to adjust the cable. There is also a MicroUSB cable for charging and a carrying case for the buds.



Considering Jabra packed in audio drivers and a heart rate monitor I expected these to be bulkier. Not only was I surprised that they were smaller than expected, but they were also designed to sit fairly flush inside of your ears. The micro USB port for charging is in the right earbud hidden by the EarWing when not in use. The heart rate monitor is housed in the left earbud.

The inline controls are on the right side and include a volume up, volume down, and multifunction button along with a microphone. This is also where the NFC chip is found for easy pairing with your phone.

The multifunction button is used as a power button, pairing button, and playing/pausing your music. The volume buttons also pull double duty by allowing you to skip through your tracks and control the volume. A dedicated sports button on the left is used to launch Jabra’s Sport Life app.

Thanks to the IP55 certification the Jabra Sport Pulse headphones are built to US military weather and shock standards. Making them safe against dropping, sweat, dirt and rainy weather. Don’t forget to register them for Jabra’s three-year warranty for sweat damage.

There are smaller Bluetooth headphones on the market but for all that Jabra packs in here I was impressed with the size and weight. They only come in one color choice, which is OK for me as I enjoy the contrast of the black and yellow.

Comfort and fit are an integral part of the design. I found that the Jabra Sport Pulse buds offer a secure fit using the included EarGels and EarWings. However, the fit is very snug due to the contact needed for heart rate monitoring. Unfortunately, I found the comfort suffered because of this. After around 45 minutes I started to feel some discomfort. Once in the 60 minute range it started to get painful, and around the 75 minute mark I reached my limit. Admittedly, I have small ear canals and you might find them more comfortable than I did.

After trying out the EarGels for awhile I switched over to the Comply foam tips. These offered a snug fit without the need of larger EarWings. Thankfully this made them much more comfortable. Even after two hours, I didn’t notice the discomfort I felt with the EarGels and EarWings. The trade off is they felt more stuffed in my ears due to the larger size of the Comply tips.

A positive side effect from the Comply tips is music sounded more isolated and they blocked out more ambient noise. That was nice but the downside is when I would open my mouth it would cause the tips to close up enough to muffle the music playing.


A large part of the Jabra Sport Pulse experience is the included fitness app. This comes at no extra cost and can be found on Android or iOS. The app itself is quite amazing. It is easy to use, full of options, and very informative. This adds so much value to the headphones and takes your training to the next level.

The app features a walkthrough to get your headphones paired and to make sure it can read your heart rate. Pairing was easy, as was getting the right fit. After verifying it can read your heart rate, the app helps you to calibrate your heart rate for your training needs.

If you are a runner this is a fantastic app, but make no mistake it is not only for runners. Jabra Sport Life includes an entire section of workouts for cross training and weightlifting.

The layout of the app is very intuitive and offers a myriad of information at your fingertips. At any point you can view the connection status, heart rate, and battery level at the top. During training sessions, it records and displays all the information you could want, including your heart rate, calories burned, speed, distance and more.

On top of this, you are greeted and pushed by your trainer, who has a pleasing female voice with a hint of a British accent. The dedicated sports button can be used during your cardio workouts to get updates or start the next exercise during cross training.

After exercising the app saves all of your stats and presents you with a summary of your workout including stats, graphs and maps of your run. You can also set up training plans and it will let you know when your body is recovered enough to continue.

The Jabra Sport Life app has so many features it is difficult to list them all. Suffice to say that if you are interested in taking your training to the next level or love tracking your stats, this app will be invaluable to you. It will help you push yourself in every workout while also giving you the music you need to keep you going.

Audio Quality

Of course, you cannot talk about headphones without mentioning the audio quality. The Jabra Sport Pulse headphones are definitely skewed towards the lower end. That doesn’t mean that the highs are mids aren’t present. Only that they offer more of a full sound, rich with bass rather than having a flat sound or piercing high notes.

This makes perfect sense to me as they are meant for working out. These aren’t made for sitting around listening to classical music. The Sport Pulse makes sure you can feel the beat and stay motivated during your workout.


Distance was about on par with other Bluetooth devices I’ve used. That means within 20ft. you’re good, but they can become a little flaky the closer you get to 30ft. This is plenty for me because while exercising my phone is never more than 20ft. away from me.

Battery Life

The battery is rated for 5 hours of music playback. This is around what I was seeing in my usage. I never used them for more than 1 to 2.5 hours consecutively. However, I was able to go 3 to 4 days worth of workouts before having to charge them up. Having the app display the battery level was very helpful. A problem I’ve had with previous Bluetooth buds is I would always forget to charge them. Thanks to the helpful reminder in the app I was able to remember to charge them when I saw they were low.

Final Thoughts

The Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition are more than just another pair of Bluetooth headphones — they are a training partner. With most Bluetooth headphones you’re only paying for the hardware itself. While the headphones sound good what really makes them shine is the included app. If you are into fitness, you will find these to be a valuable tool to help you track and motivate your workouts.

If the Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition only came with the EarGels and EarWings I would have been disappointed by the comfort. Due to the size and shape of my ears, the Comply foam tips took care of my biggest complaint, making listening to music and tracking my workouts much more enjoyable. The Jabra Sport Pulse headphones are currently available from Amazon for $159.99. If you’re looking to take your workout to the next level you can pick up a pair using the link below.

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