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The best Bluetooth headphones for $50? Archeer AH07 Headphones Review

The best Bluetooth headphones for $50? Archeer AH07 Headphones Review

I’m a wired headphones guy. Before I got my Audio-Technica M50s, I had a pair of Sennheiser over-the-ear headphones. I absolutely loved both pairs: they were comfortable, sounded great, and simply did what I needed them to. For that reason, I’ve steered away from overpriced Bluetooth headphones and instead used Bluetooth earbuds only when I’m on the go. But lets face it, earbuds get uncomfortable after a long period of time. What’s the solution? Well, it’s these AH07 Bluetooth headphones from Archeer.


The AH07 are designed to be a lightweight pair of headphones that you can use on the go or at home. Their collapsible design makes them easy to throw in your bag, although I was a little disappointed at the lack of a carrying case. As for ports and buttons, there’s a microUSB port for charging, a 3.5mm audio jack for a wired experience, along with a play/pause button that doubles as a call button and volume buttons. Those also double as forward/backward track buttons when you long press on them.

Another nice aspect of the design is that these are adjustable to suit almost anyone. The cups can be rotated a bit to the left and right to suit your preference, and of course, the band is adjustable. The colors and aesthetic of the headphones is great as well — overall, they are just designed well.

Audio quality

How about the quality? In short: excellent, for a $50 price tag — just don’t expect these to replace your M50s or something of similar caliber. One of the things that stood out to me is how nice the bass is. I really enjoy a good bass, so these are perfect for me. The highs and mids are also pretty nice. Although, sometimes I noticed a bit of a tinny sound — not super noticeable. However, switching between my M50s and these Bluetooth headphones isn’t as painful as you think. For on the go usage, these are perfect.

Bluetooth Connection

The Bluetooth connection and experience is actually quite good. After you turn them on, they connect right away to whatever device they were previously paired to. Even connecting to them for the first time was relatively painless. While using them, I never experienced any blips or dropped connections — and the range is quite good. Although, if you get more than a wall or two in between the headphones and your device, you’ll have some issues.


Archeer advertises 14 hours of battery, and while I can’t personally confirm that, others have gotten around 13 hours of battery. Either way, it’s quite good for a pair of headphones. But there’s more — you can use these headphones with a 3.5mm cable even if your battery is dead.

Final thoughts

Overall, these are a fantastic pair of headphones. They sound great, function great, and even look great. I can safely say that these are some of the best Bluetooth headphones you can get for that price. Best of all, they’ll only set you back $50 — check out the purchase link below!

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