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LG X Venture offers rugged and water resistant design for just $11 a month, coming to AT&T

LG X Venture offers rugged and water resistant design for just $11 a month, coming to AT&T

AT&T has announced that that the LG X Venture is coming exclusively to their network on May 26th. The LG X Venture offers an active phone at a very affordable $260 asking price. Featuring an IP68 rating, a shatter-resistant Gorilla Glass screen, and a metal frame, you won’t have to be gentle and when you’re out on the trails or enjoying the outdoors.

Unfortunately, there is a reason for that lower price, as the X Venture is a mid-range smartphone. It is powered by a Snapdragon 435 and 2GB of RAM. While that’s not a lot of power these days, the X Venture does pack in quite a lot for such an affordable phone. Thanks to the huge 4100mAh battery and 5.2-inch HD display, you’ll get fantastic battery life to make it through a full day and then some. Quick charging allowing a full charge in less than two hours, meaning more time outdoors and less time attached to the charging cable.

To help you capture all that fun you’re having out there, the LG X Venture also packs in a 16MP rear camera and 5MP wide-angle front-facing camera. There are also physical buttons on the front including a fingerprint scanner, making it easier to use your phone while you’re out there getting dirty. The included gloves mode will also come in handy once Winter comes back around.

The specs might not be something to get too excited about, but an affordable phone that can take a beating sure is. For those hoping for a little more power you’ll have to be patient and wait for the rumored Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. If you’re just looking for a phone that can take a beating and keep up with you on the weekend, then the LG X Venture would make a great secondary phone. For more information head over to the page at AT&T. Sales start May 26th.

Source: AT&T

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