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Bootloops and battery issues ruined the Nexus 6P and are definitely cause for a lawsuit

Bootloops and battery issues ruined the Nexus 6P and are definitely cause for a lawsuit

Monday morning comes something most of us dread anyways, so imagine my reaction when I look over to see my Nexus 6P with the Google logo stuck on the screen. I think to myself “great, how long has that been there?” OLED screens are notorious for burn in so I jump up to power it down, only to find it won’t power down and it starts to loop. My Nexus 6P has now joined the ranks of many other users by getting stuck in a boot loop. This Huawei is why you are being sued.

Rewind back late 2015, Huawei is looking to break into the US market and has teamed up with Google to create the best Nexus ever, especially considering it was also the last Nexus ever it will go down with that title as well. The Nexus 6P had everything you could want in a phone at the time with a premium build, stock Android, stereo front facing speakers, a QHD AMOLED screen, high-end SoC, an amazing camera, all at a reasonable price.

I had always avoided Nexus phones due to the poor camera performance and lack of microSD support, but the Nexus 6P won me over with a fantastic camera and reasonable price. I had always wanted a stock Android phone and now there was no excuse to not buy one. Little did I know, three months out of warranty the phone was going to choke and die on me.

At the time it was hard to find the Nexus 6P in stock. The majority of people were ordering from Google due to their great support. In order to get the color and storage I wanted I decided to order from Huawei. Surely, they were going to give this phone great support. This was their big push into the US market and they are going to want to do it right. Unfortunately, that is not what happened.

After the Nougat update, I, like many others noticed a pretty huge decline in battery life. Some even experienced their phone shutting down early. I was lucky to never experience the early shutdown, but I did see my Nexus 6P take a drastic hit in battery life, losing at least 45 minutes of screen on time when I could already barely make it through the day before Nougat. The phone became mostly unusable, but I still carried it to use as a camera. Even by today’s standards, the Nexus 6P has one of my favorite cameras.

Fast forward to present day. I contacted Google hoping their support would be better. After clearing the cache from recovery they forwarded me to Huawei. I contacted Huawei and they asked me to clear the cache and then factory data reset the phone. Afterward, I was still left with a boot looping Nexus 6P.

The agent asked for my IMEI and then I was essentially told by Huawei “Sorry, you’re three months out of warranty, enjoy your shiny brick.” Of course, it was said in a much nicer way but it doesn’t make the pill any easier to swallow.

Now the only option I have is to join the class action lawsuit against Huawei and Google. The suit covers not only boot looping but the battery issues as well. If you’ve had either issue then I urge you to join the suit.

I understand mine was already out of warranty, but this is also happening to people who are still under warranty. Some of them only getting the runaround instead of a solution. It’s ridiculous when you cannot produce a phone that will survive two years or more. This is no way to make a name for yourself in the US market, nor is it a way to build any sort of brand loyalty. I certainly don’t see myself recommending Huawei any time in the future, at least not until they prove themselves in terms of support. Huawei wants to get into the US market and they can do great here, but support is an incredibly important of buying phones in the US, and Huawei’s lack of effort here is part of the reason the company has not seen true success yet, and it won’t until that changes.

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Jason England

Jason is a gadget addict, who is always looking to play with the next new shiny thing. When he's not busy playing with new tech. He can be found binge watching TV shows, movies, or using his camera to take photos or videos.


  1. jwillis84

    You could always follow their fastboot adb directions to “restore” Android 6.0.1 (its still quite beautiful). I’m rolled back to 7.1.1 and suffering mightily.. I plan to go back to 6.0.1 tonight. I’ve been all over the firmware map and something bad happened with 7.0 and “never” changed the patches got incrementally “worse” the more new phones they released.

    • ThisIsNotSparta

      Same. I got at least an hour more SOT by downgrading to 6.0.1

    • Lorinczi Thomas

      what happens if you try custom roms? you get nouget without the shitty google bugs

  2. acewiza

    We’ve had three 6p’s in the family since day one when they first became available and they have all been perfect, still in service to this day. Lucky? Maybe. More likely answer is the very small percentage of failures belong to the unlucky, as is with just about any modern electronics failure rate. Why don’t we ever see actual data/numbers on the failure rate whenever somebody with a bad piece of equipment goes on a rant?

  3. geolemon

    The 6p is why I got a 5x instead, when I tried Fi out.
    6p is not only too big to comfortably pocket, but is also made of metal – the absolute most objectively stupid thing to even possibly make a phone out of.
    And I always resented that it wasn’t an upgrade from my Galaxy S5 (I was giving up battery swappability sd, and water resistance), and that I couldn’t get the higher specs in the 5x package.

    Sadly, they aren’t alone – most manufacturers – including Google now – offer zero high end phones that aren’t wannabe-iphones (which itself is an oxymoron with respect to “high end” in many practical ways).

    • Lorinczi Thomas

      why is metal bad? i think glass is very innapropiate for a mobile device

      • geolemon

        There’s an almost endless list of negatives, and only “jewelry factor” as a positive – one that I think is inherently nullified by the first scratch you get:

        –Metal is fundamentally more expensive than plastic, and it’s also more difficult/expensive to pour and machine. This is why we no longer have battery doors (it was nice to be in a client’s foreign city late at night, and simply pop in a charged battery to be back at 100%!), and why only some phones allow for SD cards anymore.

        –Metal blocks all wireless signals (Google: Faraday Cage).

        –Every type of wireless signal you want the phone to be compatible with (wireless data, wifi, wireless charging, NFC, etc.) requires a separate “Rube Goldberg engineering” expense to work around that antenna’s blockage, which adds to the expense. Also, even with the workaround, doesn’t perform as well as something transparent with respect to wireless signals (like plastics).
        –Metal has terrible shock damping properties. If you drop the phone, the full impact force is transferred to all attached components – not only do screens crack more easily, but internally all those micro-solder joints can be fractured, causing reliability issues down the road. This is also why glass is a terrible thing to put on a phone anywhere you don’t need it.
        By contrast, plastic absorbs impact shocks, protecting your phone – a bit like a crumple zone on a car – except plastics bounce back to their original shape. It’s why phone cases are made of plastic.

        –Metal is heavier than plastic… but it’s not even that simple. Manufacturers don’t want heavy phones, so they try to make other things lighter. Here’s another reason glass is a stupid idea – glass is also heavy. So manufacturers put the smallest battery in they can get away with, so the phone isn’t too heavy. Personally, I’d prefer my phone be plastic and have twice the battery.
        –Metal is less practical than plastic. This is the same reason why you’d cringe to see someone take a Porsche Cayenne off-road in the same places your buddy takes his 1992 Jeep Wrangler – you don’t want to scratch your needlessly overpriced jewelry-phone.

        Personally, even “cosmetics” as the positive of metal is arguable, in my opinion. For years, Blackberry and Nokia (and even Samsung) made some very elegant, high-end looking phones from high-end plastics, and there’s some metal phones today that are entirely unremarkable. Even if you were to disagree with that point, you’d have to agree that as soon as a person puts their phone into a plastic case, it now not only looks “plastic” – but no longer looks as elegant as those well-designed plastic phones that don’t require cases for everyday life.

        Feel free to offer up a single benefit of metal – I personally believe it’s a plague, an epidemic caused by manufacturers desperate to appeal to the “Apple demographic” – meaning “people willing to pay more for the sake of a status symbol”, which is an easier path to mainstream adaptation than it would be to make a phone that is technically superior but then primarily appeals to geeks. They want to appeal to tween girls and soccer moms, because that turns into mass market sales.

        • Major Sceptic

          I am a fan of the old sturdy plastic models.
          People are quick to put plastic down as cheap , but I’d bet my shirt very few of these modern pretty phones would take a beating like some of the well made plastic devices.

          • geolemon

            You are absolutely correct, in more than one way even. Metal has no impact damping properties.
            It’s a (very objective) step backwards, in the name of “hipster progress”.

        • Lorinczi Thomas

          Also unibody metal phones bend more easily

  4. Christine Blend (Tinkerbe11)

    The same thing happened to me with my 5x. Battery life severely decreased following Nougat and then two days ago…bootloop. Luckily I had bought the extended warranty and am expecting my $79 replacement today. It is still extremely disappointing and I’m reluctant to shell out $800+ for a Pixel.

  5. Mir Bilal

    Hi guys , I think the writer of this post is certainly blaming the wrong guys .this is not huawei’s fault but definitely points finger towards Google.they r on the way to destroy the image of Huawei. I already had one 6p bricked and got replacement for the same . It is not the hardware issue but software one provided by Google…i am currently reluctant to go back to stock because I fear I may brick again…so I am currently using custom ROM that runs fluid and had never any bootloop yet…

    • Clive Barker

      Not sure if the issue is the same on the 6p as it is on the LG 5X but the latter is definitely hardware.

    • d0x360

      Huawei is a horrible company that has incurred billions in fines from US Government. They would never admit fault with one of their products and since these issues don’t effect everyone it’s definitely a hardware problem.

      If it was software then it would cause identical issues on every 6p running AOSP builds.

  6. myprecious27

    No problems whatsoever, my nexus 6p is perfect.

  7. Spaniard United

    As near as I can tell, this is a Google problem, started with their Nougat update. Mine started bootlooping, flashed to LineageOS, no problems since. This is not hardware for the 6P, this is Google giving us the shaft. I hate Apple … But if I were ever to switch sides, this lack of resolution from Google on this would do it.

    • d0x360

      Lineage is the AOSP build with some GUI tweaks. They didn’t make any other changes. You aren’t bootlooping anymore because there was a corrupt file in the startup process that was replaced when you flashed a new rom

      • Spaniard United

        Withdrawn, flashed latest stock ~3 days ago and all seems fine. Haven’t had any looping or battery issues. Thank you for the insight.

  8. TK Monastyrski

    Same problem. Early shutdown and then bootloops a month after warranty. I had pre-emptively filled a claim with Huawei about the battery drain before the warranty expired. At the time they told me it was a software issue and that they’d keep me informed (they didn’t).
    So when the bootloops came I filed another claim and referenced my earlier ticket number.
    After a few exchanges Huawei decided they wouldn’t honor the warranty as it was up and referred me to their repair center.
    I didn’t respond.
    A couple days later I got an email from the repair center saying that they WOULD honor the warranty and are sending me RMA shipping labels…. We’ll see…

  9. Blake Britton

    I never had the boot loop issues, but I have had the battery issues, especially with shutdown whenever the battery saver kicks in automatically at 15% and even cutting off when I’m still using it at 20-25% left on battery.

    I contacted Huawei after Google UK directed me to them and all they did was to return my mobile to 6.0.1. Ugh.

    I wish there was a class action that covered UK because now I’m left wondering what Huawei will do next. I’m still having problems after updating again to 7.1.2.

    • d0x360

      Root the phone and download a battery calibration app. It fixes the issue 90% of the time. All it does is delete a single file that Android restores after reboot.

  10. donkey_kong

    Ever since upgrading to Nougat my Nexus 6 has been garbage. Laggy and I’ve had to reset it and uninstall most apps to get it to run. So now I have a phone where I am afraid to install anything.
    I definitely think the issue is Google OS vs. hardware. I’m looking at oneplus for my next phone and avoiding Google products for now.

    • Coquettto

      I was thinking the same as you…..For better service with OnePlus to the equipment.

    • d0x360

      The Nexus 6 was a slow phone on anything except the original firmware. Even custom roms designed specifically for that phone were slow and changing the kernel which allowed you to tweak cpu speeds and memory settings didn’t help.

      It was a poorly made phone from top to bottom and so was the 6p. Don’t know what happened with the 6 line but damn…it was all bad.

      I’d personally stay away from OnePlus as well. I try to stick with HTC. After owning about 40 different Android phones since the g1 it’s always been the ones made by HTC that I’ve been happy with.

      • donkey_kong

        Thanks for the insight! I’m typing this from my old Nexus 5 which I just fired up again. It seems so tiny now after using the 6 but still works great.

  11. Christopher Clarke

    My 6P had the battery issue, draining rapidly for the first 25% then ok (ish) and then switching off at anything between 25 and 35 percent. The phone was about seventeen months old. I called Google and they were very helpful. They took me through the whole reset process (which I’d already done myself twice) and I had a friendly chat with their tech rep whilst doing it. By the end of the process and another 24 hours of testing the problem remained. I called them back up and even though the phone was out of its initial twelve month warranty they sent me a replacement.

    I’m not a power user or super customer or special case.

    Perhaps it’s because I didn’t shout or be rude. I’m not sure. But Google support could not have been more helpful or accommodating.

  12. Oh Chee Peng

    Mine was constant freezing throughout the day, and holding the power button for a hard reset is the only solution. I am also suffer from battery issue, when phone is shutting down at 15%. Running Android 7.1.2, but problem persisted since 7.1.1

  13. Mike I

    Have LG Nexus 5x running 7.1.2 with GAssistant. In Europe no less. No problems but the rumour was the 5x was also going to be a part of the suit. Have it for 5months now and no problems at all.

  14. Mark J

    Funny thing is that Huawei has the Huaweivipservice in the Netherlands, giving you 3 years of warranty and a 3 day pickup-and-return guarantee

  15. Gary Schroeder

    My 6p runs perfectly. It’s now running Android 7.1.2. Yesterday I installed the May security patch, N2G47o. I have also pixelized my 6P. No problems here. In my opinion, the 6p is the best smartphone ever! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  16. Chris T

    My 6P locked up and I tried to reboot, the power went off and the phone never came back on. I called Google they had me try a few things then was transferred to Huawei. They told me to send it back to them and the max time would be no more than 12 Business days. I finally got a refurbished phone 25 days later. No info in the box telling me what happened, just the phone a business card and a Huawei pen.
    REALLY? I think that this is my first phone from them and the last phone from Huawei.

    They didn’t tell me if I get a extend warranty on it or not. Not even a sorry that we took 25 days to get you a phone.

    • d0x360

      Probably took so long because it had to go to China then be confirmed that it wasn’t working before a refurbished phone was shipped from China back to you.

      Other brands don’t send the phones all the way across the world before sending you out a new one.

      That company is pretty evil anyways. They got hit with record fines last year, they were absolutely massive…multi billion massive

      • Chris T

        No it went off to Texas

        • d0x360

          And then to China. We used to deal with them where I work because they had cheap phones we used to control robotics. We also sent things to Texas which then got forwarded along to China.

  17. arggie

    I love my Motorola Google Nexus 6

    • ShobieShy

      I have a Nexus 6 as well. Fantastic device! I don’t have to deal with EOL on it because of it’s unlocked bootloader and loads of support. Currently running PureNexus ROM based on 7.1.2 Nougat. Runs amazing with great battery life. Would recommend.

    • d0x360

      The regular Nexus 6? I absolutely hated that phone. It’s the only Android phone I’ve ever owned that I hated and I started buying them on day 1 (HTC g1) and upgraded every year since.

      I thought it was uncomfortable, had a horrible camera, poor battery life and was slooooow. I tried every custom ROM and kernel, I tried overclocking….I just hated it. Well both cause I actually owned 2 and had the same experience with both.

      I remember being pretty mad when the 6p came out so soon after with alot of improvements provided you didn’t get a bad one but I’d never buy a Huawei phone…hell I’d never take one for free.

  18. doctorx

    if out of warranty… just oem unlock… flash factory firmware.. profit. cured boot loop and battery issues.. the whole point of nexus was to be able to do this. somehow this got lost along the way. upgrades are always iffy

  19. Tirthya Dasgupta

    So give a try to custom roms instead of sueing google and huawei..

  20. IDCboutu

    Google replaced 6P no questions asked six months out of warranty due to battery issues. Is it possible that you have a history with Google that precluded them from doing the same for you?

  21. Brian W

    Sorry to hear that. Google was great with me and I even bought the phone off eBay from a guy. Since the guy I bought it from bought it from the Google store Google was more than happy to help. Mine suffered from the early shut down problem. They sent a replacement but it had the same problem so they sent a second replacement and thankfully it works great. It’s getting really good battery life too. I hope it holds up. 3 days after I had it I dropped it and cracked the screen but that’s my fault and I’ll probably end up having the screen replaced. Now that I’ve got a working 6p I love it. The crack is just in the top left corner so it’s not on the part I look at. Anyway, I’m pleased with how helpful Google was. I wish everyone could have that experience.

  22. 0neTw0

    I had the boot loop issue. But went custom ROM and now I’m Golden. Battery seems good some days and not so others. Though my proximity sensor hasn’t worked since nougat upgrade. I love my N6 no issues till I dropped it and broke the screen. First time ever and was so bummed. Picked up the 6P and actually like it more. Just hope it holds out. Not sure what to do since I despise the design of the Pixel​. I prefer vanilla Android over any fluff.

    • Seton Carmichael

      strange, is the sensor working with custom rom? im running PureNexus with ElementalX and its running amazing. No problems with battery, hopefully i wont ever.

      • 0neTw0

        The sensor didn’t work on stock nugat or the Pure Nexus. ?. I had hoped that when I went custom it would.

    • Pyro

      Not a solution for all, though. In my case, when I would try entering recovery mode, it would jump right back to the white Google logo infinite loop, so I couldn’t flash a custom ROM. I got a replacement since I bought through Porject Fi, but I’m betting it will break again and I won’t get a replacement next time.

      • 0neTw0

        I got the dreaded bootloop issue. I used a heat gun between the fingerprint button & the camera and got it to boot. Works for a bit then starts bootloop again. 🙁

  23. Harshit Nanotkar

    Hey guys …. I want to ask u all … That should i upgrade my nexus 6p to 7.1.2 ….. Is it safe to do that. .. pls tell .. thanks

    • Seton Carmichael

      You know, ive upgraded to nougat, my phone is running amazing. im getting a day and a half of heavy usage (im in high school so i get alot of time to use it), but i did notice that it is slightly worse with the android o dp1, slow downs, BAD battery life, and ive experienced bootloops with root.

      • Harshit Nanotkar

        Dude what is android o dp1 ?

        • Seton Carmichael

          Android O Developer Preview 1?
          I hope it’ll be called Oreo.

  24. InnocentEd

    It’s a pretty terrible situation. If you purchased from Google they are pretty much shipping you a refurbished 6P on the spot without many questions at all, even if you are out of warranty which I am by several months….which at least is better than nothing.

    The problem with that obviously is that I don’t think this is like a batch of lemons issue, feels like something fundamentally wrong – so I have no doubts this new 6P that I get will retain many of my current issues. Honestly would have been more happy with a $200 credit to go towards a pixel or something.

    Talk about a great story turning soar. I loved this phone for a long time and I am an AVID Google supporter – but the last 3-4 months with this thing have been horrendous. I can add signal loss, looping, random reboots, a camera that works only half the time and battery to my list of pains with using this phone now.

  25. Harshit Nanotkar

    Guys … I just upgraded my nexus 6p to nougat 7.1.2 with 5 may security patch … And it is working buttery smooth … No botloop issue .. fingerprint gesture is also working …. But there was a minor issue … Google assisant was not there initially …. But after few upgrade and settings i got it working ….

  26. Bart C

    So how do you contact Google about this? Can’t find any online form… Plus I can’t call because my phone is bricked.

  27. Augie Espinal

    Luckily I haven’t experienced the boot loop issue *knock on wood*, I did however experience the rapid battery drain and early shut down at about 30%-40% battery life after I updated to Nougat. I contacted Google and they informed me it was a hardware issue and a refurbished model was shipped to me in 2 days. 7 months later I haven’t had any issues with my refurbished model **knock on wood** Hoping this device will last me another year or 2.

  28. Shane Field

    I had the horrible battery problem after having the phone for 1.5 years. I got the bootloop this past weekend. I contacted Google’s ProjectFi via chat (who I ordered from) on Sunday and had my new phone on Tuesday. Google didn’t care it was out of warranty and sent me the refurbished phone at no cost to me. The battery is much better than mine (on the 1st day). I’m guessing that’s due to the lack of apps and other things that were on my old phone and not this one.

    I’d love for this to last much longer, cause I hate buying a new phone and this one still does the trick. I just hope this doesn’t get into the bootloop issue also. I can get around the battery thing with a portable charger.

  29. Aidar

    I had same issue with battery, I even was going to buy a new phone. But I ordered a new battery and replaced old one. One month use, so far so good.


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