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Wednesdays at the Polls: Do you plan to purchase a Galaxy S8?

Wednesdays at the Polls: Do you plan to purchase a Galaxy S8?

In this new weekly feature, we want to give our readers the opportunity to provide some point-and-click style input on some of the questions we have been pondering.

Samsung has been a hot topic (Did you see what I did there?) over the last year. If you haven’t been living under a rock the last week, you may have noticed that their newest two Galaxy phones are about the be released. You can preorder the Galaxy S8 and S8+ at all US major carriers with deliveries expected this week.

The company took a hard blow to their ego with the Galaxy Note 7 battery issues, and are making a big investment in the new S8 duo. Between repairing their reputation and regaining sales dollars, they need them to be a success. And the handsets look to be fantastic with increased specs all around, a new Bixby virtual assistant, and the removal of the physical home button. So far, reviews are also praising the phone pretty much across the board.

With all the buzz, do you plan to spend your hard earned cash on Samsung’s latest and greatest? Do the new edge to edge and curved screens take your breath away? Or do you not trust the manufacturer after their battery issues surrounding the Note 7 late last year? Cast your vote below and express your fan-hood or objections in the comments.

Are you buying the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+?

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