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Simple Card now supports Android Pay

Simple Card now supports Android Pay

When Google shut down the Google Wallet card in June of 2016, one of the recommended replacements was the Simple Card. Simple is great! I really enjoy using Simple, because it’s simple! The app is easy to use. I can check my balance, deposit a check via mobile, and turn my card on/off when needed.

Except there was one slight problem. The card that was recommended by Google to replace the Google Wallet Card did not support Android Pay. Whenever I bugged Simple about this simple request, I was told that it was coming soon. I was told “coming soon” after every inquiry. Yes, I may have made one or ten inquiries about Android Pay support.

Coming soon is today! I received a notice from Simple that Android Pay support is now available. I rushed to my phone to add Simple to my Android Pay app. Adding Simple was, well, simple. I just answered a few security questions. Simple sent me a message saying they received my request and that it would be about two business days to add the card. Considering I’ve been waiting several months for Android Pay support, I guess I can wait two more days. My local bank was able to add my bank card to Android Pay while I was on the phone with them.

I tried adding Simple to Samsung Pay and it didn’t go through. I reached out to Simple and they told me, “…coming soon.”

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