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Android O announced, developer previews available today

Android O announced, developer previews available today
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It’s the day everyone has been waiting for: Google just announced Android O. It brings a slew of new features, but I’m only going to focus on a few of them here. If you want to see everything, check out the blog post linked below.

Notification revamping

Notification channels sound really awesome, but it will really depend how well they actually implement it. Notification have always been organized better on Android over iPhone, but Apple has always looked prettier (in my opinion). Notification channels really bring a lot of promise to the last refinement I think Android notifications need.

Autofill API

This is what I’m most excited about. I hate having to swap back and forth between Gboard and 1Password for keyboards just to input a password. All I want is to use secure passwords, why add so many extra steps to be able to? With the autofill API, you’ll be able to set a system-wide autofill app (once the app supports it) much like you can set a system-wide keyboard. I’m so excited for this, it’s not even funny.


Picture-In-Picture is something that you either love or hate, there is no in-between. It has its uses, sure, but they’re normally few and far between. I, for one, am very interested to see how the new PIP functionality plays out. While it was previously available on Android 7.0 on Android TV, it will be available in Android O on all devices.

Wide-Gamut Display Support

This is something that will be loved by enthusiasts and photo/video people alike. Wide-Gamut support means that those who love to use their phone to shoot or edit photos or videos. This addition to Android means manufacturers can build devices with displays that support AdobeRGB, Pro Photo RGB, and more.

Adaptive Icons

Another minor change in Android O is support for adaptive icons. These allow the icons on your homescreen to swap based on the launcher or device they appear on. This also includes support for animations within those icons.


Google has announced new APIs and developer releases for Android O for the following devices:

  • Android Emulator
  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus Player
  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL
  • Pixel C

This is not being offered as part of the Android Beta program yet. Google wants to get a few more releases and squash a few more bugs before they decide to release it to the public through the beta program. For now, if you’re really daring, you can flash the developer preview. More information is available via Google’s blog post linked below.

Source: Google

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