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PSA: New “font wasn’t found” malware affecting devices running Google Chrome

PSA: New “font wasn’t found” malware affecting devices running Google Chrome
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Malware is pretty common. It usually affects small, obscure sites, not the sites that most of us stick to. However, when hackers do develop a new malware, it comes in many different ways, and for the common user, they’re hard to identify. Such is the case with this latest piece of malware: “font wasn’t found.”

This is affecting Windows devices, and quite possibly Mac OS devices as well which are using the Chrome browser from Google. Chromebooks, due to their nature, aren’t affected by this as they can’t run program files downloaded from the internet.

What it looks like

This malware is pretty sneaky. It replaces the text on the screen with illegible symbols, and then displays a pop-up on the screen. It looks real — complete with updated Chrome branding and version numbers. The notice says that a certain font “wasn’t found,” and prompts you to download and install the font that will fix the issue.

If you were to click the correctly colored “update” button, then a .exe file would download onto your computer. Sadly, the file isn’t identified as malicious by Chrome, rather, it shows as an uncommonly downloaded file. From this point on, we’re not quite sure what happens. We can only assume that the malicious download would start doing malicious things which would, in turn, possibly cause damage to your machine or compromise the security of the files on your computer.

What can you do?

If you come across this error yourself — be cautious! You’re best off leaving the site. Be sure to share this article so that others can be aware of this.

Source: NeoSmart TechnologiesVia: Chrome Unboxed

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