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Google finally releases Gboard for Android

Google finally releases Gboard for Android
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Back in May of this year, Google released Gboard for iOS — a new keyboard with integrated Google search (you can share the search, too), GIF search, emoji search, and glide typing. Sadly, it hasn’t been available on Android — until now. The Gboard APK just leaked online, so you can get it right away.

Now, it’s important to note that some of the Gboard features were already available in Android. The glide typing has been around since…forever (ok, since version 1.6.20). However, the Google search, GIF search, and emoji search were all new features at the time. With Android version 7.1.1, GIF search came to the Google Keyboard. But for those of us who won’t be getting Android 7.1.1, this is a great solution. Check out the link below for the APK!

Download the Gboard APK

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  1. ryanmmoore

    anybody install it? I did but I’m not getting the full functionality like I do on the iOS counterpart.

    DO a search and you only get one result, and no options for images or gifs

    • Ian McIlwraith

      You can access the GIFs by tapping on the emoji icon, then GIF — little more hidden than the iOS version.

      • ryanmmoore