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The new Amazon Echo Dot – What’s the difference?

The new Amazon Echo Dot – What’s the difference?
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Only a few months ago, we reviewed the original Echo Dot, but now we have the second generation. What’s changed? Let’s find out.

The original Amazon Echo costs about $179, and while it sold relatively well, not everyone wanted to fork over the cash for it. When the Echo Dot launched as a cheaper, small alternative, many jumped on it, though there were a few hoops to go through to get it. The Dot retailed at about $89. But now, everything’s changed. The new Echo Dot is only $49! Meaning you can get more than one for different rooms in your house without spending as much as one Echo’s worth.

What’s The Same?

Hardware wise, the Dot has the same low profile as it did before, though it seems that it’s a tiny bit smaller, which isn’t a bad thing.

The software of the Dot has also stayed the same. By saying “Alexa,” you can activate a voice command. This allows you to start playing music, turn on/off your connected lights, change the temperature through a connected thermostat, and things of the sort. The Dot performs really well in terms of voice recognition, too. Even if music is playing, it’ll still pick up your voice and listen to what you have to say. At this point, Amazon’s “Skills” catalog is also far longer than it was when the original Dot was released.


What’s Different?

With the second generation, manual controls have changed a tiny bit. Instead of a volume ring around the top, they’ve changed to buttons. This may have been a good thing for people who try to use the volume ring and end up turning the Echo Dot around by accident. This probably also help cut costs for Amazon, which they certainly need to do.

The Dot also comes in an extra color now as well. Personally, I got the white one. It comes in black (like the original) as well, and both look pretty cool in any room you stick it in.


The best difference out of them all, is the price. The price was basically cut in half! At $90, the 1st generation Dot wasn’t bad, in fact,it was a pretty decent value for the price, but $50 is even better! If you’re going to fill your whole house, you mine as well go with the 6-pack, which includes the sixth dot for free. By cutting the price of the Echo Dot so low, Amazon has made entering the smart home arena that much easier, and I can’t wait to see where that will lead.

Final Thoughts

These were just the main differences and similarities between the two generations. Not much has changed, yet everything has changed. With the price slashed in half from before, this is a hard offer to refuse. The Echo Dot 2 is available now on Amazon, and shipping isn’t even delayed. If you want to learn more about how the Dot works and how it might fit into your like, check out the full review of the Echo Dot we posted not too long ago.

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