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Moto G4 Play Review – Budget is a big hit

Moto G4 Play Review – Budget is a big hit
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Motorola is catering to every corner of the phone market, whether it be a high mid or low-end phone, they have an option for you. In this case, the G4 Play is the lowest end phone, coming in at about $150, but it’s still better than most. Let’s take a look at how the G4 Play stacks up against other low-end budget phones.


The phone just screams plastic. It envelopes almost all of the phone except for the screen. It does have a decent weight, though, which helps give somewhat of a feel of quality. If you turn the phone over, you’ll notice that the G4 Play has the beloved Moto Dimple, which gives your finger a nice little resting place. The back is a smooth rubber-like plastic which feels nice in the hands. It does feel small, but that’s not a bad thing.



Even though the Moto G4 and G4 Play are the same phones, the G4 Play differs in performance. The G4 Play houses a Snapdragon 410 processor while the G4 houses a Snapdragon 617. The Play also has 2GB of RAM, which used to be a lot, but by today’s standards in mobile technology, isn’t a lot. Despite that, the phone doesn’t suffer. It can’t handle as much as most flagships, but it can certainly hold it’s own, especially with browsing and watching videos. Heavy 3D games will cause performance to tank, but as long as you’re not a huge mobile gamer, you’ll be just fine.



The display is 5” and comes in at 720p, which is noticeable, but won’t bother you too much if you know you’re getting a budget phone. The colors on the G4 Play are a little off to me and don’t really stand out. Viewing angles aren’t the best either, which is to be expected with a budget device.


When I used the camera, I was very surprised with how it performed and how the pictures turned out. It does shoot in 1080p even though it can only show you 720p, and it’s powered by the Moto simple camera setup which I’ve grown to love. I didn’t have any hiccups when it came to taking pictures, and when I actually saw the pictures it took, I was surprised.

The camera is 8MP, which is to be expected, but it performs better you think it would. Photos are clear, colorful, and pretty vibrant.


Spill Resistance

Something unexpected in a budget device is Spill Resistance, which doesn’t mean submersible. It only means it can handle some water being spilled on it or raining pouring down on it. That’s a bit comforting to know that your $150 phone isn’t going to be damaged when you accidentally spill that juice on it.


The battery is 2800mAh and packs a punch. In standby, the phone lasts forever on a charge, and even in use it doesn’t get phased by heavy usage. The battery doesn’t have to power high-end specs or a big, pixel-rich display. Therefore it can last quite a while on a single charge.


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a backup phone, need something for the kids or even yourself, and you don’t mind sacrificing some performance, this is a great option. I enjoyed using something I didn’t expect to be much and then being pleasantly surprised by what it offered. I may have to pick one up for myself as a backup phone. I’d like to point out that this phone is truly unlocked, meaning no matter your carrier or whatever SIM card you pull out of your pocket, you can use it wherever you go. That’s definitely something worth having if only for $150. Plus, you can even save $50 by opting for the “Prime Edition” over on Amazon.

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