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Now That Android Nougat is Out, Where Is Google Allo?

Now That Android Nougat is Out, Where Is Google Allo?

Today marked a huge day for Android as Google finally released Android 7.0 Nougat. This update is a significantly sized one and comes with quite the plethora of new features and additions. But there was one thing in particular that wasn’t included in the Nougat update that many people were expecting. This was an app, an app called Google Allo.

Many people, including myself at one point, assumed that Google would include the Allo app as part of the Nougat update. Unfortunately, as today shows, this was not the case. So where is Google’s new messaging app, Allo? How much longer are we going to have to wait for it? The answer to this is very simple. We are going to have to wait until the release of the next Nexus devices in September.

Of course, we could be completely wrong in assuming this, but it coincides with what others are saying as well. Plus, when you think about it, it actually makes some sense. Google will release the new Nexus devices in September and they will likely include Allo out of the box. Once that happens Google will have to make the app available to all Android devices by finally making it available on the Play Store.

Allo has some deep ties into Google Assistant, which will be a big update to the Google app. So in order for Allo to launch to the public, things such as Assistant have to be ready to go as well. Assistant is again something that will almost certainly launch alongside this year’s Nexus devices as well. Now we play the waiting game.

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