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AT&T Eliminates Data Overages With Mobile Share Advantage

AT&T Eliminates Data Overages With Mobile Share Advantage

With unlimited data being so scarce in today’s market, we’re constantly worrying about how much data is left in your monthly plan. Some carriers, such as T-Mobile, had previously removed data caps in exchange for unlimited data, but only a certain amount of LTE.

Now AT&T is taking the same route with its new Mobile Share Advantage plans. Starting August 21st these new plans will offer between 1GB and 100GB of high-speed data followed by unlimited data at slower speed (128kbps). That then resets at the start of the next cycle.

The new Mobile Share Advantage plans are available Aug. 21. Consumers and businesses alike can gain a wireless experience, without overage charges.  Instead of overage charges, after customers use all of their high-speed data amounts, all data usage will be reduced to a maximum of 128 kbps for the rest of their bill cycle.

These new plans also carry over the majority of AT&T’s previous features such as unlimited talk and text, Rollover Data, mobile hotspot, and internation perks.

Pricing for these new plans is as follows;

Screenshot 2016-08-19 at 10.03.25 AM

Along with these new plans, AT&T is also simplifying access charges for various devices. Customers who do not sign an annual contract with AT&T will pay a flat, $20 per month access charge for any device. Business customers will have a slightly lower charge at $15 per line.

Source: AT&T

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