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Google’s New “Nexus Launcher” Leaks In A Set Of GIFs Along With New Android N Wallpapers

Google’s New “Nexus Launcher” Leaks In A Set Of GIFs Along With New Android N Wallpapers

The good guys over at Android Police have stumbled upon a gem of features to come from the upcoming Nexus device, codenamed Marlin and Sailfish. They are pretty confident about both of these leaks, but be sure to take (at least the initial) with a grain of salt.

The first leak that was unveiled is a major change to the simplistic Google Now Launcher as we know it now. In the gifs you’ll see below we can already tell that the new version will no longer have an app drawer nor the wide top search bar. There also several other UI elements to take note of as well.

The first thing that caught our eyes was the removal of the search bar, it has been replaced with a small ‘G’-branded pull tab and a calendar widget. You can tap G tab to start a new search or choose one of recent searches to look up. These cannot be moved or removed either….so take that in as well. They are rather minimal though and provide a great bit of information.

Next, you’ll see that the app drawer button has been replaced by a 5th pinned dock icon (PRAISE DUARTE), and the app drawer is now accessed by sliding upwards from the dock — there’s also a small arrow above the middle that you can tap to raise the dock, but that’s not as cool. The drawer itself hasn’t changed all the much, except the refreshed minimal search bar at the top.

The rest of the launcher remained largely the same. You can still access Google Now on the leftmost screen, Google Now is still access by long-pressing the home button, and more settings and features are scarce.

Everyone out there should remember though that Google is known for change or dropping something at the last minutes, and that can definitely apply to this new launcher. Android Police also wasn’t completely sure whether the new launcher would come via an update starting with current Nexus devices or if they would be exclusive to the next gen or some other situation entirely. So for now, we can just sit, wait, and awe.

But wait, there’s more….

The team also dropped several new wallpapers that are supposed to be arriving with the new Nexus devices. It wasn’t certain whether the 15 wallpapers were all the backgrounds to arrive on the device or if more were coming. It was also dropped that Google is working on some more, functional, live wallpapers that are hoped to be seen on Marlin and Sailfish, but only time will tell. You can download the wallpapers below, and let me say I’m loving using these wallpapers on my desktop and phones.

How do you all like the look of the updated launcher and walls?

Source: Android Police Nexus Wallpapers

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