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Simpliday Is A Great New Calendar App For Busy iOS Users

Simpliday Is A Great New Calendar App For Busy iOS Users

With Sunrise out the way out and the stock iOS calendar a little lacking when it comes to handling multiple events, there’s a need for a calendar app that can handle the tons of information that the busier ones’ of us need. Simpliday is that calendar app. It handles meetings and events, multiple email account sources, cloud services and more.

One of the main features that Simpliday offers is it robust interaction with events, reminders, and meetings. You can sync your email with the calendar, take incoming emails and convert them into reminders or meetings on your calendar. You can also initiate reminders on your computer (Mac) and interact with them from the Simpliday app. There’s also the availability of creating rich-image invitations straight from the app, that’ll look better than any invitation you’ve made using any other calendar.

The interface is very light, with bright and colorful backgrounds, while the content is very dense and compact. You get the chance to see your weekly/month outlook on top, combined with your daily layout below. Different accounts’ events and actions are also tagged with different colors so you immediately know what type of notification you are working with.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 20.56.32

I’ve been able to have been testing this new app for the past few days and I can easily say that Simpliday is geared towards those whose calendars are always filled. It will help you no forget any important meetings or events that you may have planned, and remind you of those action that you scheduled to be completed later. If you’re more of a casual person that (seemingly) has a lot of time on their hands, like me, then the features of this calendar may not all be put to use by you.

Simpliday is available starting today with a brand new refresh and update, so that you can start getting your life better organized now. It is free on the app store, which you can find linked below! Also check out the sample video below of using the Simpliday.

Simpliday - All-In-One Calendar

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