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Design The Next Dirty Unicorns Logo, Win Recognition And A Prize Worth $25

Design The Next Dirty Unicorns Logo, Win Recognition And A Prize Worth $25

Dirty Unicorns has had a significant presence in the Android custom ROM community for years, and their current logo has arguably become as ubiquitous as AOKP’s logo in the Jelly Bean days. Much like CyanogenMod replaced its universally-recognized Andy-on-a-skateboard logo from the Gingerbread days to Cid in 2011, the Dirty Unicorns team is ready for a new look. Unlike CyanogenMod, the DU team is opening the new logo to the public.

Graphic artists, system themers, icon pack designers and novices alike can compete for a $25 Google Play gift certificate (or alternatively receive $25 via PayPal). Naturally, the winning entry will also gain a significant amount of cred from one of the biggest custom ROM communities in the Android world. There are some notable requirements, which you can read in full detail on the Dirty Unicorns website. A quick synopsis follows:

  • It must be completely original – variations of old DU logos, existing graphics originally developed by others or designs using clipart will not be accepted.
  • It must be clean – as in not overly cluttered or “busy”.
  • The background must be transparent.
  • The winning contestant will need to submit the original source file so the DU team can maintain the best possible image quality for its logo over the next few years.
  • Entries should be submitted to Google+ using the hashtag #NewDUlogo.
  • Any further questions about the contest and its requirements can be submitted to the Dirty Unicorns Google+ community.

Entries will be accepted from now until July 16, with the winner being announced on Monday, July 18.

Source: Dirty Unicorns Website


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