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HTC Is Sending Out Free USB C Cables To HTC 10 Buyers

HTC Is Sending Out Free USB C Cables To HTC 10 Buyers
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Along with their new HTC 10, HTC has been sending out free USB C cables to buyers of the device as an added perk for purchasing. Along with that, they are also giving out free UH OH protection plans for no extra cost. These are some seriously awesome added perks.

In case you didn’t know, UH OH offers HTC users a free replacement device for their phone within 12 months of purchasing, no questions asked. Whether it’s a shattered display or a serious malfunction, HTC will send out a free replacement.

Users have been reporting these perks since May 28th, however it seems only users who purchased the device unlocked are seeing the free gift. This leaves out users who purchased the device through carriers such as Verizon. Are you seeing this with your device? Let us know in the comments below!

Via: Android Central HTC 10 Review

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