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Hangouts Needs To Die Soon And Here’s Why

Hangouts Needs To Die Soon And Here’s Why

Almost exactly three years ago Google released a messaging app with a promise. That messaging app was Hangouts and that promise was a superior, unified messaging experience. Unfortunately, Google was never actually able to deliver on that promise with the service. In fact, even today Google hasn’t even come close to delivering on that promised experience.

Let’s start from the beginning, in 2013 when Google initially released the app that was riddled with issues. Crashes, glitches, bugs, all of the things that make an app frustrating to use were wrong with Hangouts upon release. On top of all of that, the app was just slow. For example, upon opening the app it would take about 10 seconds for your conversations to load in. The collection of all of these issues made adoption of Hangouts slow and put a bad taste in peoples mouth.

As time went on Google acknowledged many of these issues and was able to fix them. Despite fixing many issues, though, adding features over time like the ability to send and receive SMS messages within Hangouts only led to more issues. Some of said issues were actually glaring ones. A good example is one notorious issue that didn’t allow a good portion of users to send or receive MMS messages via Hangouts.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to slam the service here, it’s actually a decent app if you use it in the right circumstances. It’s just that me, along with many other people on the internet believe that it’s time for Hangouts to go away and make room for the new kids on the block, Allo and Duo. If you don’t already know, Allo and Duo are the two new apps that Google introduced on stage at Google IO 2016. Allo is an instant messaging app that will be tied to your phone number and Duo is a lightweight video calling app. These two new apps completely overlap all of Hangouts current capabilities, so why should Google keep it around at all?

That’s the difficult question that many people are currently trying to wrap their head around. So far the most common reason among the internet seems to be because Allo will be tied to your phone number as opposed to your Google account like Hangouts. While this would be a good reason for keeping Hangouts around, the reason isn’t valid. Sure, Google didn’t directly mention that Allo would be tied to your Google account when they announced it at IO, but it almost certainly will be, especially with the inclusion of the Google Assistant within the app.

The bottom line here and the point that I’m trying to make is that Allo and Duo are capable of just about everything that Hangouts is and then some. Keeping this in mind, there really is no logical reason to keep Hangouts around once the two apps are released. Hangouts did have some potential when it was first released and the idea behind it was a great one, but Google was never able to bring that idea to fruition. Allo and Duo are Google’s second chance at entering the enormous market of instant messaging, let’s just hope they learned a thing or two from Hangouts.

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  1. Fuze Ferret

    No logical reason? What about Google sign in, merged conversations? Calls from a desktop computer? And I feel these apps are a STEP BACK because we don’t need 2 more messaging apps!

    • jtr165

      yeah. Hangouts sucks, but only because Google let it be that way. But, allo and duo are FAR from recreating all of hangouts’ current capabilities. It’s the primary app for google voice handling on mobile, integrates fully with a desktop client, etc. Wait and see, allo and duo will both start to get all of these features over time, and all of a sudeen…they won’t be the nice ‘lightweight’ apps they’re being advertised as, and we’ll start this all over again in 2018…

  2. Mex5150

    What a fucking idiot, a really useful tool should be canned because it had issues in the past, and replace with something that isn’t even out yet?

  3. Bach Ong

    Hangout is a very useful tool , that I used daily and it haven’t crash on me at all. I have work in organisations that has over 5000 staffs using hangouts for voice and video conference with up to 16 people on the call , and without an issue. So I don’t know what stats. Or ideas you got it from that I didn’t work?? So far I can see over 30K people using it and collaborating without any issues.

  4. Jan-Stefan Janetzky (@iGottZ)

    hangouts is perfectly fine for doing stuff like screen sharing, group video chat and even normal messaging.
    it will not notify you about a new message if you read it right away on your pc etc. etc.
    the biggest failure about hangouts is that they have two totally different chrome extensions. one being an app that is horrible if you use it in transparent mode and cannot use in corporate configurations and one being an extension that is horrible since its sometimes having bad rendering issues / bahavior.