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Samsung Might Skip The Galaxy Note 6 And Go Straight To The Note 7

Samsung Might Skip The Galaxy Note 6 And Go Straight To The Note 7

Samsung has been on a roll the past year or so with awesome releases like the S6, Note 5, and most recently, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. All of these releases have us eager to see what they have in store next, and until today we were expecting to see the Galaxy Note 6. However now we’re hearing that Samsung might skip that name all together and call their next device the Galaxy Note 7.

According to ETNews, Samsung has decided to give the Note 6 the Note 7 name for one reason and one reason only, marketing.

Samsung’s current flagship is the Galaxy S7 and that “7” branding indicates that it’s the latest the company has to offer. So Samsung’s idea behind this change is basically to let the Note series catch up with the companies main series of smartphones so that customers don’t feel like their phone is outdated. A high-ranking official at Samsung apparently had this to say about the change,

“When Galaxy Note 6 that has its model number lower than Galaxy S7, which is the newest model, is released, it can give out a feeling that it is an outdated phone.”

We don’t know for sure when the Galaxy Note 6, or Galaxy Note 7, will be announced, but we’re expecting a late Summer or early Autumn announcement. Rumors have been swirling that the device will launch sometime in August, possibly to push customers to buy the phone ahead of the iPhone 7 announcement coming in September. Are you excited for this device? Let us know in the comments below!

Via: SamMobile

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