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Fit Cat Review – Giving Both You And Your (Digital) Cat A Workout

Fit Cat Review – Giving Both You And Your (Digital) Cat A Workout

Get up out of that chair and both you and your cat can be healthier. Yes, I said “cat.” Fit Cat, by Square Island  integrates with Google Fit to provide an active step count on your Android device. You can add Fit Cat as a watch face for Android Wear or you can make it a live wallpaper and display it on your phone. I tend not to use live wallpapers because you can only see them when your phone is at a home screen and not actively using an app. Plus the icons and widgets on my phone would block out the necessary information. Active use of my phone would diminish available battery and I’m not looking for excuses to make my phone battery last less than it already does. I would much rather use my watch, so I don’t have to pull my phone out to look at the information.

screen (9)

Fit Cat caught my eye because it features illustrations by my friend, Virginia Poltrack. It also caught my eye because it wasn’t labeled with the name of the development company run by Virginia and her husband Jono. It turns out that Fit Cat was developed by former Googler Chiu-Ki Chan and illustrated by Virginia.


Fit Cat starts off the day just like me. A fat sleeping cat with no steps. After you walk around for a while the cat wakes up and sits up. There are various animations. The animations are unlocked by the number of steps you have taken, but you don’t always get the same cat for the same number of steps (unless of course, you take no steps at all). You’ll have to keep an eye on your watch to see what your cat is doing. My cat has done things like eat a bowl of Ramen, scratch at a scratching post, unroll a roll of toilet paper, and type on a laptop (I’m going with Chromebook). I’ve even seen it pumping iron, skateboarding, hula-hooping, and SCUBA diving, just not at the same time.

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The watch face and live wallpaper displays your orange tabby cat on a blue background with a digital readout of the time. If you don’t know whether it’s AM or PM, you need more help than this app can provide. The display also shows the remaining watch battery percentage, the day number of the month (no day name or month name), and the number of steps taken so far today.

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Fit Cat can access Google Play Games and you can then see how you compare to others using Fit Cat. If you’re number one within your social circle, then you’ll see “Leader Cat.” Since I was writing this while Google I/O was in session, I even saw “I/O Cat.”

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The more active you are, the healthier your cat and by extension, the healthier you get. I average between 10,000 and 14,000 steps per day (depending on the day) and my cat is pretty buff at the end of the day. The simplicity of Fit Cat displays just fine on my ASUS ZenWatch2 in a square format.

If you’re interested in trying out Fit Cat, it’s available on Google Play right now for just $0.99.

Fit Cat on Google Play

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