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This Is Google Home, Google’s Amazon Echo Competitor

This Is Google Home, Google’s Amazon Echo Competitor

At Google I/O today, Google has officially announced Google Home, the company’s answer to Amazon’s Echo. Google Home features many of the same features as the Echo, but it also connects to Google’s new Assistant for the most powerful search available today. Just like the Echo it can connect to dozens of services for home automation including Google’s own Nest, but it can also do so much more.

It can stream music over it’s own built in speaker, but it can also connect to other speakers thanks to support for both the standard Chromecast and the Chromecast Audio. Everything connects via Google Home. So if you ask it to play music through the entire house, it’ll play through every connected Chromecast Audio. Ask it to play a video? It’ll go to your Chromecast on the TV. I’ll be honest, this blows me away and really beats out the Echo in my opinion, but that’s just my personal opinion.

In terms of the actual hardware, the Home features subtle LEDs at the top that light up when you interact with the device. You can also fully customize the device by swapping out the bottom half to better suit your home.

Google will be offering the Google Home starting later this year, but a specific launch window has not been confirmed. I’d assume we’ll see this around the same time as the next Nexus release. Pricing has also not been confirmed. Google has however opened up registration to receive email updates at

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