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Meet Allo, Google’s Newest Smart Messaging App

Meet Allo, Google’s Newest Smart Messaging App

Oh look Google finally created a messaging app, now they can cross that off their to-do list /s. To state again without the sarcasm, Google announced their newest messaging app Allo during their I/O Keynote address, an app that will incorporate Google Assistant and many other features. From what we heard, this (alongside Duo) will not replace apps like Hangouts and Messaging but that’s a story for another day.

A good way to look at Allo briefly is that it incorporates many features you’ll find in WhatsApp, Telegram, and Slack. For one, Allo doesn’t register with your email, but rather your phone number which should allow it to be accessible to more people, especially those without a Google email or who simply don’t want to share it. There are also stickers and the ability to change the font size of your actual message so you don’t have to use all caps to yell (along with smaller sizes for ‘whispering’).

Google even made sure this app was secure by enabling end-to-end encryption and incognito messaging. Incognito mode allows you to hide messages and sending content within notifications and even choose if/when messages will automatically delete.

The app isn’t coming until this Summer, but you’re already able to pre-register so you can install it the moment it goes live. Be sure to read up on Allo’s brother app Duo here as well, for which you can also preregister. Whether Hangouts, Messaging, and Google’s other similar services are trashed or kept, Allo does seem like a fun, feature-filled new experience.

UPDATE: Google seems to have removed the pre-registration links, at least for the United States.

Allo on Google Play

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