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Opinion: Is The Lenovo Yoga 900 A Perfect Travel Laptop?

Opinion: Is The Lenovo Yoga 900 A Perfect Travel Laptop?

Recently I went on a trip overseas and decided to bring the Lenovo Yoga 900 with me. I had the plans of taking lots of pictures and editing them in Lightroom. Now, I know that the Yoga 900 didn’t have a dedicated graphics card, but I decided to take it anyways. I had also planned to do some article writing while on the plane to and fro. That being said, let’s get into my experience.

First of all, the Yoga 900 is a perfect size for travel. It’s super thin and also pretty small enough to fit on an airplane tray table. That’s exactly what I needed if I wanted to write on an airplane. Now, airplanes aren’t exactly built for generous spacing (unless you’ve got money to your name), but I found that the Yoga 900 is just right when it comes to size.

Yoga 900-1

If you read my review of the Yoga 900, you’ll remember I spoke of it very fondly. While it wasn’t biased in any way, it scored excellent in my book. Now, this article is biased. On the trip to CES 2016, I found that every occasion I needed to write, the Yoga 900 was perfectly handy. Whether in my bag or on my lap, it was incredibly easy to access and use. The hinge was a huge benefit when I just needed the touchscreen and didn’t want to do anything but navigate.

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Recently i went on another trip overseas and found the Yoga 900 to be equally accessible. Again, in the airport, on the plane, and in the car were easy places to use the 900. While I had the 900, I was using the Nexus 6P alongside it, and since the 900 has a USB Type-C port, data transfer was a breeze if I needed it.

The thing about traveling with a laptop is that you never know when you might want to use and if you do, how long it will last. That’s one thing I never needed to give a thought to with the 900. It felt like battery lasted forever and it never once died on me. Movies, writing, nor navigating put a dent in the battery.

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While at CES 2016 there were plenty of occasions I needed to pull it out and do something quick. With most laptops, that could quickly turn into an issue. Powering on or even waking from sleep is a task in itself with most laptops. That’s because only recently SSD’s became a standard for some laptops. That includes the 900. Powering on literally takes less than ten seconds and maybe 20 on bad days.

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Overall there is little to complain about with the Yoga 900, and I would still recommend it today even though it’s technically outdated. If you have one, let us know your experience with it. Don’t love it as much as I do? Tell us why!

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