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Where Did All The Support For Square Smartwatches Go?

Where Did All The Support For Square Smartwatches Go?

Is it still hip to be square?  Don’t get me wrong, I love my ASUS ZenWatch 2.  I know I’m not the only one.  I get comments on the watch almost every day.  Other tech writers have written about how much they love it.  It’s a great watch.  If it wasn’t for the price, I wouldn’t be experiencing the world of Android Wear right now.  However, I sometimes feel that the Android Wear developer community has forgotten that there are square watches out there.

The ZenWatch 2 was not the first square watch, but is it going to be the last?  Before the ZW/ZW2, there was the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, and Sony SmartWatch 3 (the first two did not run Android Wear).  The official Android Wear page lists 11 current Android Wear watches and only two of those (ZW2 and SM3) are square.

Since I started using my ZenWatch 2 back in February, I’ve been eyeing all those cool watch faces.  There are some watch faces out there that play nice with square watches and there are some that just don’t. There are so many awesome options available for round watches, but support for square options seems to be drying up. I’ll be writing about a few of the watch faces I’ve been using over the next few weeks, but I just wanted to remind developers that it’s still hip to be square, and that square smartwatches still do exist.

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