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Galaxy S7 Active Leaks Out Showing A Familiar Design

Galaxy S7 Active Leaks Out Showing A Familiar Design

Here we are again. Just a few short months after the release of Samsung’s latest flagship, the obligatory “Active” variant has found its way to the internet via a few leaked photographs. These new images give us a look at a “camo” variant of the S7 Active which looks extremely similar to last year’s Galaxy S6 Active, which was a great device. This time around however we do see a couple of changes. On the back, we notice a bit less texture compared to the S6 Active, but the design is still just as rugged. It’s possible this was changed to add a little extra room for the battery.

Flipping the phone over, things look about the same as well, but the corners appear to pack a bit of extra protection and the home button also appears a bit different. Unlike the back and recents keys, this one doesn’t have any symbols on it. If I had to guess, I’d say that this is likely because this time around it’s a fingerprint sensor rather than just a home button. A release date on this phone hasn’t been revealed, but it would likely debut sometime in early Summer.


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